Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ivy face

I have poison Ivy on my face. It's really attractive and feels really great too. I have appointments tomorrow and I really need this ugly face to clear up before then. You know how they say to take a bath in oatmeal? Well, after I cooked up my breakfast, I scooped some out and smeared it all over my face. I don't know that it did any good. And it's really hard to get oatmeal to stick to your face. I put some honey it, but that didn't help much.

On the left, oatmeal with Nutella (awesome!) and on the right, oatmeal for my face.
I did take a picture with the oatmeal on my face, but it looks gross and it's kind of embarrassing.

I got paid today... kind of. After almost 4 weeks I finally got another check in the mail but it is only 2 out of the 3 weeks that I am due. I don't like having to remind someone to pay me all the time. I start wondering if it's worth the effort.

Ok, fine. Here's the oatmeal on face photo.
This is a shameful photo. I don't even have some "I'm all cured! It's a miracle!" type story to go along with it.

Hi. My name is Alecia and I slathered oatmeal on face. Did it do anything? No, it did not. I'm just a tool.

I usually post all of my blog posts to my facebook page in a shameful attempt to boost my page hits. I think I'll leave this one off. My ten year reunion is coming up soon and it's a little embarrassing for my former classmates to see what has become of me.


  1. Ah, thanks for the giggle! Hope the face gets better!

  2. new here, gotta say, I LOVE the header :)

  3. Thanks! Photo cred goes to Angie (the commenter above). She caught me at just the right moment in Warrior Dash.

  4. 1) it's not so much the oatmeal on your face that scares me... it's the look of I'm going to try and eat the oatmeal off my face after I take the picture that worries me.
    2)Michael is a male and therefore must be reminded constantly.
    3) Pretty sure ivy face looks better than lumpy oatmeal face.

  5. I LOVE what has become of you! Get well soon.

  6. Probably too late to weigh in and help, but...

    Antihistamines. Go buy the store brand non-drowsy allergy medicine (it will have loratadine in it), and a tube of hydrocortisone cream. Do it quick, and there's a chance it can help you. A bath with oats can soothe your skin, but it is only relief from the really great feeling the poison ivy gives your face - and it's just oats, not an oatmeal bath...

  7. LOL - I think the look on your face really completes the whole oatmeal part of it. And I totally leave certain posts off my facebook page. There's only so much shame I can endure. Ok, nevermind. I thrive on shame.

  8. Im glad I actually came here instead of relying on facebook. I feel lucky I got to see your oatmeal face. Are you coming into town for your reunion? When is that? I wonder what they will say..."wow, that alecia hasn't changed a bit" or "hum, i'm not sure what to think" or "geez, that was my friend in high school?"...anyway, im going to get back to "eating" my oatmeal instead of wondering what it would be like on my face :) Please make this your profile pic on facebook..pretty please?

  9. Thanks for the advice Adam! I'm about the hit up the pharmacy in a little bit!

    hahaha! Paula, I'm glad that there is someone else as shameful as myself.

    No Shanon. No.

  10. And thanks "Rebecca"! It's still weird to me to call you that.

    I know C25Karen. I'm just such a wuss.

  11. Don't let this one little incident deter you from continuing to put food on your face and post pictures to amuse us...

  12. Lol, the next time you break out in a rash, you had better post pics of your desperate attempts to stop it!