Friday, July 1, 2011

My week in poetry

Geez, it's Friday. Where'd the week go?
A trail run on Monday, then I ran no mo.

Work's been a bitch, go me by the balls
Haven't sold shit, wanna smoke some Paul Mall's.

Sky Dancers cartoon blaring on the tube
It's no She-Ra, it's lame and uncool

It's all I can hear, keeps wrecking my rap
Full of 80's music with synthesizer crap.

Thursday was P-stone, I skipped that run.
We grilled with friends, that too was fun.

Gotta call Angie for the long run to see
How much I will suffer, how long it will be

If it's around 12, well then I'll see
Perhaps a weekend meet up will be in store for me.

Ugh! I hate Sky Dancers, I hate them Damn it!
I wonder if Netflix has Captain Planet?

I need some new shoes. Nike's got a hole.
Can't do a long run with an exposed pinky toe.

"If it is to be, it's up to meeee!

I can sore, I can sing, I can do anything!

Sky Dancers!"