Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well look who's back in town

I'm kind of proud of my little brother. I would never say this to his face, and I'm risking quite a bit by saying it here. If he reads this, he might get a big head and it's my job to keep him in his place. I am older and far superior. That is the way of the world.

This is my brother, pre braces, with a mullet.

For the last 3-ish years he has been living in China, teaching conversational English and drinking his weight in Asian beer. We skyped for a minute yesterday, all the while I thought he was still in China. Then I talk to my dad who tells me he just got back and I could call him on his old cell number. WTF douche bag? You couldn't mention that during our little chat session? We communicate in a special way. It's dangerous for others to use mine or my husbands computers, because if skype says that we're online, there could be a message box that pops up saying "Hey F#$%er, you there?" He and my husband can go back and forth with this kind of crudeness and perversion ALL DAY. When we get on an actual Skype call with him, I always have to open with an immediate "Kids in the room! Kids in the room!".

Here's a little bit of what he sent me while he was over seas. I tried to save money so that I could fly out there for a visit, but it never happened. :(

That hat works well with your giant creepy eyes.
B-Ball'n against the against Yao Ming's heavier brother. Casey stands just over 6' tall and this guy looks just as tall or taller.
Being a dare devil and crossing over into North Korea.
Welcome back Casey! I'm still way cooler than you.


  1. That last picture is AWESOME!

  2. I'm not even certain what that picture is. A straw in a wine bottle?