Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Night Owl

Last night's run went really well. This will most definitely be the new routine. I only did a 3/2 x9 Run/Walk repeat, but I came out of it feeling really good. It's been a while since I felt like I accomplished something with a workout. I can handle this pace with relative ease, so this run was really more of a confidence booster. I think it's important to work one of those in every once in a while. Tonight I'll cut the walking down to 1 min. Running at night felt great and it felt familiar since it's the way that I trained for my first marathon. When I woke up this morning I didn't feel guilty and I still had all that time to myself to have some coffee and read blogs. Fantastic!

Now I'm going to rant.

I just read an article on Yahoo about a debate on whether or not the government should take severely obese children away from their parents. You can read it here. For the record, I think the government should keeps their hands out of this particular pot and focus more on keeping certain chemicals and additives out of our food supply to begin with. But this isn't the focus of my rant. I can't stand that the word "victim" was used in this article more than once. "Victims" of advertising, "Victims" of fast food, ect. The term is overused. It's called personal responsibility, and accountability people! "Victim" my ass. Greasy, nasty fast food is cheap and it is delicious, and you can have it handed to you through a window in less time than it takes to heat up some Uncle Ben's instant rice. With a little will power and some creativity you can eat healthy meals cheaply. You'll still have to prepare it, but who can't throw some yogurt and fruit into a bowl, and it wouldn't be that expensive. I would bet that severely obese people aren't just ordering a few things from the value menu. Getting a combo meal and then super sizing it is like 5 or 6 bucks! When I worked for Expo Design Center I got into the habit of eating at Chic Fil-a every day because it was close and easy. I actually stopped eating there for lunch because it was getting too expensive. $5 a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks in a month... that's $100 a month! I know you can make healthy meals for less than that. It is so easy to blame all our problems on the world around us so that we never have to look in a mirror or admit that we have faults.


  1. I was the victim of a baking blog tonight... nope, not my fault I ate a pan of brownies. That woman should have never posted those pictures and recipe for me to see!

  2. yummy, chick-fil-a. LOVE it, and i have been eating there alot lately. I have quit though, been trying to bring the healthy salads for lunch. i dont know though, we must be shopping wrong. we go to the grocery store once a week. We either get "healthy" or "bad" foods depending on what we want that week. We thought it would save money but we usually spend about the same...Fresh produce is EXPENSIVE...but yeah, its better to get the good food for the same price. At least by the end of the week there is still food left to eat. If we get the crap food someone in my household cant seem to keep it in the cabinet. And on to the FAT biggest fear is having a fat kid. I feel sorry for those look at the parents are huge. They are awful parents in my eyes. Feed them good foods and MAKE them play outside. :)

  3. The other side(s) of your ranting coin, however, is that someone has to consider the welfare of these kids. An 8 year old has little choice when it comes to what meal is put in front of them, and if a parent's laziness is directly putting a child's health at risk, how is it any different than any other sort of neglect? It is the government's responsibility to make sure children are safe and healthy if their parents won't - kids don't have a choice in these things.

    The government shouldn't have its hands meddling in the pot of what goes into our food either. We're adults. We choose what we buy and eat. The government isn't there to be our mom, it isn't the job of the government to make policies telling us what is and isn't good for us. We do have choices, and we shouldn't need the government holding our hand while making them.