Friday, July 8, 2011


You will be glad to know that my face feels much better today. It looks better too. I headed out for a run in the rain last night and was very excited about it. I love running in the rain. It keeps you cool and it's relaxing. Relaxing unless you see a lightning bolt strike down just a few miles from where you are. I turned around and called it a night.

Here's the stuff I was to too lazy to post on Thursday and Friday.

I liked Raleigh. I would say that it's about same size as Charlotte, maybe a little smaller.
I didn't get a lot of pictures, because I didn't really do much while I was there.

I packed up all my stuff to go camping on Wednesday night, but It didn't happen. I was so disappointed. I ended up getting a last minute room at a Days Inn downtown. It may seem ridiculous, but I would have been so much more comfortable in my own sleeping bag and tent. I don't like hotels unless they are 5 star all inclusive.

The next day I found the correct entrance to the state park and verified that they do indeed have camping facilities.

Then I went for a short trail run.

After my trail run, I rinsed off in the facilities that were meant for the campers. I would have been a camper, so that counts right? A quick rinse, change of clothes and I was off to my final appointment with a cool chick who happens to do triathlons. Finally, I was on my way back home, achieving incredible mpg the entire way.

The End

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