Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trying not to scratch

I just got back from my small Carolina loop which ended with Raleigh. I have more pictures including some from my trail run in the state park. However I don't really feel much like blogging tonight. I prefer to zone out to all of your blogs with my face covered in poison ivy medicine and a glass of 2 Buck Chuck in hand.

Since you all take great pleasure in my facial despair
I look so sad don't I? You can send me money if you want. It will be a contribution to the Ivy Face Foundation.


  1. I think the wine glass really helps the look.

  2. Poor thing. I much prefer your face covered in food than despair. Food is funny. Despair, not so much.

  3. That ivarest is what nealdo used last time he got the itch. I think its pretty good stuff. Hey, I'm finally drinking some dark colored wines. It's still sweet, but I'm getting there. Next time you come into town I might could attempt a glass of that 2 Buck Chuck with you.

  4. Don't feel too sorry for me Adam. I did have lots of wine.