Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stupid State Park

Yesterday I got my tent and sleeping bag ready. I was soooo excited about staying at the state park in Raleigh tonight. When I got to the park, I drove around for a bit and couldn't find any signs leading me to the camping area. Just the picnicking area and some boyscout group camp area. I stopped and looked at all the signs and maps and nothing talked about camping. Was I just imagining it? Did I look up the wrong park by mistake? Where do you camp?!

So now here I sit. In a stale, smelly Days Inn Hotel. I got online and looked up the park again, and it says that they have camping and lists the fees for it. It says you access this stuff by the Hwy 70 entrance wherever that is. I'm so disappointed. I really, really, really wanted to camp.


  1. hwy 70 is also known as Glenwood Ave. I've never been camping at Umstead but I run and mtn bike in there a lot, it's only a few miles from my house. Hope you can find it!

  2. Thanks John! I found it and went for a trail run today. It was a beautiful place. I still want to stay there sometime.

  3. First time checking out your blog. Glad you were able to enjoy Umstead. I live locally in Apex and get there when I can. They have a marathon there and a 50/100 miler. Just letting you plan for when you feel up to it. I have not done any of them. But I am slowly getting into Ultras.