Friday, July 22, 2011

Too Much Fun

Since last Saturday I've been doing nothing but drinking beer and having fun.
  1. Flew to Texas for Mom's Bday on Saturday night.
  2. Mom's actual bday on Sunday and recouping from Saturday night.
  3. Hung out with little brother, flew back home, and went on my Run For Your Life interview on Monday (went really well).
  4. Packed up and headed to the mountains on Tuesday.
  5. Woke up in the mountains, went for a 30 minute run and then spent all day in the Davidson river on Wednesday.
  6. Woke up in the mountains again on Thursday, did a short trail walk with the kids, packed up camp, headed back to Charlotte AND THEN my husband and I went uptown to the Visulight theater to see Mickey And The Motorcars and Reckless Kelly.

Has it only been 1 week?! It felt like a whole month crammed into 6 days. I'm not complaining. It was lots of fun, but now I need to get back to training. I really need to ramp it up if I'm going to do well in Chicago.

The show was great last night. Here is a sampling of the two bands.

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  1. Sounds fun! Who's the hairy dude with you in that pic?