Sunday, July 24, 2011

The two downsides to NUUN

I went on a 12 mile run this morning.  It went all right.  A little slower than last time.

I’ve been using nuun on all of my runs lately and here’s what I think…


  • Delicious
  • I think it works, as far as keeping my energy up and not burning out and keeping me hydrated.
  • Decent price.  You get 12 tablets in a container for $6 and I think that two tablets is plenty for 1 water bottle.  Compare that to the price of Gatorade or GU and I think you’re spending about the same.
  • Easy to carry around.  Fits easily in your luggage or a spi belt.


  • When the fizzy pressure builds up it starts to sputter out the top of my water bottle which is really annoying and wasteful (at least it’s not sticky).
  • When the fizzy pressure builds up in your gut it gives you the farts.

I had been pretty much alone on the greenway all morning only passing by the occasional runner headed in the opposite direction.  I only used 1 nuun tablet today, so it was very diluted and had limited ability to get all fizzy.  Sputtering from the water bottle was limited.  Yay.  But I guess the gas could not be avoided.  At around mile 10 I felt a tiny bubble moving on down stomach.  That is also when I heard a herd of footsteps behind me.  Alone this whole time, and NOW is when a group of 6 guys begin steadily catching up to me.  They were fast and I’m so slow that it didn’t take long for them to get out of ear shot. 

Damn it Nuun.  How do you expect me to use you during a crowded race?


  1. I bought come Nuun. Then lost it. My goal of the day is now to find it.

    Great job on your run!

  2. I'm thinking maybe those NUUN's could help clear a path for you during a race. Yet another pro! :-)

  3. What if you mixed it up ahead of time, and let it lose its fizz before running?

    Or, pretend you are a rocket with after-burners...