Monday, July 25, 2011

How I waste time and ignore my kids

Writing my own blog takes only a minute or two. The real addiction is reading everyone else's blogs.

Of course I enjoy SUAR and SR. Who doesn't? I also routinely check in on my in-law over at Bitchy Runners to see how hot it is in Texas and have a greater appreciation for temps that are ONLY in the upper 90's. I also like to see what my very first non family or friend follower, Adam at Running Through My Mind All Day, is up to.

Then maybe I'll skip on over to Running Off the Reeses so I can laugh at the captions that she puts on Kate Middleton's photos. After that it's over to Eat Watch Run to see how Paula and Michelle's, from Crazy Running Legs, weekend long run went.

I also have a few bare footers on my blog roll like Barefoot Josh and Running Ramble (currently has a few great reviews on the Saucony Hattori, Vibram Sprints, and inov-8 hydration pack).

Even though I don't do triathlons, I think I would like to some day so I've added some triathletes to my daily reading. Tri-Living (bonus* she's a mom AND a bare footer) is doing the same half iron man that SUAR is training for so it's fun to see how the two get through the demanding training schedule. Carolina John over at Smoke Training is another one that I really like and he trains in my area. I also think it's cool that he went from a pack a day smoker to a triathlete. Steve In A Speedo?! Gross! is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. Just look at the title and tell me that guy is not going to be funny as hell. He does all of his races in the same multicolored spandex shorts. His shorts are so well known that spectators in his area cheer for "Steve in a Speedo!" as he runs or bikes by. He's also a new dad and it's funny to see the perspective of someone on the other side of the "hooter hider", to put it in Steve's words.

This isn't Steve's speedo, but I stole this pic from his site. I think in this race his shorts were outdone.

I can't forget about my mom blogs. This Mamma Makes Stuff is one that I've been telling C25Karen to read since she's a crafty gal. Her sparkle skirts are becoming really popular too. Another Mother Runner is a regular read even though I never win their Hump Day Giveaway.

That right there is about half the blogs on my list, or less. Facebook is full of friends trying to sell me shit and convince me that they are photographers so it is much more fun to waste away my day reading blogs.


  1. Thanks for the mention.
    I enjoy Barefoot Josh's site and relied on his wit and wisdom when I was exploring barefoot running. But now I am more focused on the minimalist effort and loving that.
    I have checked out a few of your links and now have to extend my obligatory blog reading effort as well...Thanks...

  2. <3 <3 I'm glad I help you ignore your kids. If it helps, you help me ignore my husband. :-)