Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mega Church Track

I have two tracks 1 mile away from my house. One is a mile north and the other, a mile south. The one to the north is a public high school (let me stress PUBLIC!) and the one to the South is a Baptist Mega Church/ Christian Academy. Upon first moving to the area I would frequently use the high school track for my work outs. Being in the dark ages with no Garmin it was nice to get a feel for my pace by doing a portion of my workout on the track. It was nice, that is, until last year when Vance high school put their track on lock down. From what I could tell there was never any vandalism. One day they just started locking the gate. I went one day and saw another person running laps and the gate unlocked! I made one lap when that person asked me how I got in there. I don't know? How about the open gate right over there, dumb ass. I didn't say it in those exact words. Apparently that person was a coach and they told me that I couldn't be out there. Jerks.

Then my neighbor tells me about a track that he runs on all the time just up the, in the other direction, at the big Baptist church. So last night I tried it out and it was fantastic! It was an old school cement track with some cracks and was also a little creepy at night, but I still got the joy joy joy joy down in my legs. I jogged the mile out to the track, did 6 100 meter sprints, walked one more lap and then jogged back for a total of 3 miles. Since it was kind of dark and creepy, I think next time I'll take a little light of mine and let it shine.

So kiss it Mecklenbug County. I found myself a new, not so stingy track.

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  1. Yes, Char-meck can certainly suck it. For more reasons than just the track! Wake county is actually the biggest public school system in NC now (raleigh's county!).

    our high school tracks are also locked out though.

    They say the NC State track is for public use, but every time I run by there the only gate I see is locked. I prefer to take my intervals on the treadmill anyway. pfffftttt!!!!