Friday, July 29, 2011

Who Dat?


Guess who came to visit us a few days ago???




She was on her way to Indianapolis and caught an earlier flight with an 8 hour gap here in Charlotte.  And she did it all just so I could have an extra pair of hands when loading the kids into the truck.  It was a whirlwind trip, but it was fun.

After we dropped Angie off at the airport I went in for my second night of training at Run For Your Life.  Oh, yeah.  Did I mention that I got that job?  Tuesday and Wednesday I had training and yesterday was my first day on the floor.  We were encouraged to try on a different pair of shoes every 15 minutes or so.  Fantastic!  Of course I put on my beloved New Balance Minimus trail shoe and walked around for almost an hour.  The downside is that now I don’t think I want those shoes.

As you can see from the diagram below, the back of the shoes are very stiff and I could tell, even from just walking and standing, that it would be cutting into my ankle pretty bad.  I also read that on some of the reviews online.


So now I’m thinking that I might just go with the minimus road.

NB Minimus Road - WR10

  It sucks, I really liked the wide toe box and the Vibram rubber on the minimus trail.  They felt so good in the forefoot.  I also tried on some Saucony’s, Brooks, and the Mizuno Prophecy ($200!).  I’ll try to start taking notes and write up some first impressions reviews. 


Tread it up


  1. It was fun to see you guys! Did you talk Brad into Disney??

  2. I'm still on the hunt for that perfect minimalist shoe!

  3. @ Angie, We're still working on it.

    @ TL, It's such a difficult decision.

  4. I didn't hear Nike enter this discussion anywhere...

  5. I liked my free's but I want to try something else now.

  6. Love your taglines of "marathoning for sanity" and "paying race fees instead of a gym membership" haha