Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Half Size

My shoes came in today!

NB Minimus Road - WR10

Unfortunately they are a half size too small.  The problem with this is the way that I ordered them.  When you work for a retailer like REI, Run For Your Life, or other retailers you gain access to a website called  It’s brilliant actually.  I do training exercises for various brands at home on my own time.  But when I’m done and I’ve taken the quiz I can get up to %60 off of msrp in that brand’s shop.  The catch is that they ship your merchandise to the store that work at.  Selection is limited in each shop and my shoes were only available in an 8 or a 9.  I decided to up instead of down but it’s just too big.  3point5 and it’s brands don’t give refunds so I’m going to try to exchange them at the New Balance store or Finish Line or something.


In other news, I will soon begin the Mizuno training on 3point5 because I have found a new love.


You should never pick a shoes based on looks, but damn it!  These shoes are beautiful!  They were comfy too.  I walked around in them for a few hours today.

Wish me luck on my mildly illegal shoe exchange.  Hopefully I can run in them tonight.

Tread it up


  1. You can't exchange them at your store? So confused!

  2. They don't have an 8 1/2 at my store.

  3. I started running again on monday. its so hot here in texas, its miserable, even running INSIDE on a treadmill. I have sweated and sweated in the corner of my living room. But on to why I am commenting....I have been running in my ancient (like year and half to two years) nikes that I loved...they have decided to wear on the the inside right shoe..right on the outside heel..soo guess what..HUGE RED BLOODY BLISTER..that I cant get away from. I even tried thicker socks and putting tissue inside of the sock..its horrible today i might go purchase some shoes. not sure what kind but I always fall to New Balances first, then if I cant find any of those i go to nike. we will see.

  4. Great site. I just stumbled on it. I love the New Balance Minimus. I've migrated over the last year to more minimal footwear and these are my favorites. The sizing is a little funny for me. I find it roomy on top but a bit tight on the side as I have a wide foot. No problem on shorter runs, but a bit of a toenail problem on longer ones. I'm glad I found you. I'm also a Charlottean. What store do you work at?