Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brooks Pure Project

I got to see the new Brooks Pure Project line last night.  Since I am completely average and fit in sample sizes, I even got to try them on!

The short and long of it is that all four shoes in the line have a 4 mm drop from heel to toe.  They all have that split toe in the front (This is only on the out sole.  You do not need iniji socks).  They all also have this support, pod like, thing on the sole.
The rep explained this thing, but I didn't really understand or remember what he said.  It all has to do with mid foot striking.  When I tried the shoes on I didn't feel it, so it wasn't annoying or anything.

My favorite was the Grit, the trail shoe.
I got a real great picture there, didn't I?  I really want a trail shoe that is light weight, low to the ground, but still offers good cushioning and traction.  This shoe definitely has all that.  I felt like it had all the benefits of a minimal shoe (light, flexible, low profile) with out the threat of being stabbed by a sharp rock or stick.  I wore my Vibrams on that trail down to the swimming hole last month and it beat the hell out of my feet.  Here is the Grit sole.
If you've ever tried on a Brooks shoe, you're probably familiar with that, walking on marshmallows, feel that their "DNA" cushioning has.  These shoes have that same stuff and it's obvious when you put it on.  I don't think people who are already in minimal shoes will be busting down the doors in October to grab a pair from this line.  But folks who are looking for less shoe without the high risk of injury will love these.  I would put these shoes in the same category as the Saucony Kinvara and the Nike Free.  They're pretty cool.


  1. Awesome. I was hoping for a review on them. Thanks!


  2. You really know how to put yourself in other peoples shoes.

  3. Come home! I know the owners of Run On, I can get you a job! Pretty please!!!