Thursday, September 29, 2011

Check out my friend's rack

Yesterday I found out that Paula and Michelle(!) don't like Glee.

Why would Kurt tell Santa about Paula's and Michelle's Glee bashing?  Because Kurt moonlights as an Elf On The Shelf.

The Susan G Komen Race For The Cure is this weekend in Charlotte.  I'm not running in it, but I've been handing out bibs and t-shirts for the last few weeks.  Breast cancer isn't an issue that has ever affected myself or any of my family members.  The only tie that I have to it is through my friend Karen.  Her mother was diagnosed this spring and is still undergoing chemo treatments after having two surgeries.  This is the cool wig and scarf rack that Karen made for her mom.
Karen has more creativity in her left pinkie than I would have if there were two of me.  I loved the relationship she and her mother have and the humor they maintain throughout her mom's treatment process.  You can read about it in her blog post here.

I have made three things from my meal plan so far.  The first was the fruit turnovers.  It's just apple and pear that has been sauteed in a skillet and then baked in puff pastry.  Easy.

Then yesterday morning I did the English muffin with arugula and poached eggs.  Poaching eggs isn't all that easy, but I'm a bad ass.  The pasties and the poached eggs aren't really anything new.  I've made them a few times before.
Last night I did a brand new item from my collection of recipes torn from Family Circle mags, the Salmon burgers.

They were actually pretty easy.  You could really use canned Salmon too.  Just add some Panco bread crumbs, lime juice and diced (seeded) jalapeno then put in the skillet for a couple of minutes.  The sauce is what really made this awesome.  It's mayo (1/4 cup), lime juice (2 tbs), cilantro, salt and pepper.  Delish.  Here is the recipe if you want it.  I'm not typing it all out and my scanner doesn't work.

Does this count as a Three Things Thursday post?


  1. Yes, it counts! :)
    The things people come up with for Race for the Cure are it!

  2. Mmmmm salmon burgers- love them! I also love Glee- I can't imagine how anyone could not love it!!

  3. Those poached eggs look so good! And you know...I don't like Glee. I have never been able to get in to the show or characters. I do love the singing though and have a couple of their Journey covers on my running playlist :)

  4. I've fallen completely lustful over black bean burgers topped with jalepenos. High protein, low fat, buttery smooth and to die for.

    Thanks for volunteering for race for the cure. It's too popular (crowded) in raleigh for me to run it, but we've lost a lot of family members to all types of cancer.

  5. It's true. Glee is the devil. However, that gay kid is my favorite character. I also do not like poached eggs. I'm not doing very well with you, am I? I need to be better!

  6. I think I can excuse these minor indiscretions.

  7. First, thank you for featuring me. I feel like a winner. Second, am I the only one that noticed that your "pasties" are not a new thing. Maybe it was a freudian slip. In that case, Brad is quite a lucky man.

  8. I love poached eggs. AND I like Glee! Take that, Paula! I kid, I kid ;-)

  9. Actually Karen, I did notice that error when I proof read this post but thought it would be funnier to leave it.

    Victoria has excellent taste.

  10. OK at first I thought those were scoops of vanilla ice cream on your english muffins. Maybe you should try that next time. Those turnovers look amazing.