Friday, September 23, 2011

Stats gone crazy!!!

Last night I had the pleasure of being the next Cat Lady!  As a result my stats went through the roof.  Where I usually get around 50-70 page views a day, I got over 500 in a matter of hours!  I also gained 5, no, 8, no 11 new followers!  Welcome newbies, welcome.  You're very lucky to get in on the action now.  I expect that Oprah, or the ladies at The View will be calling any day now, and you can tell all your friends about how you've following since before I "made it big".  They'll all be so jealous.

Last night I went on a spectacular trail run.  It was hosted by Run For Your Life, but a different part of the franchise.  A rep from Montrail was there and we were all given a pair of shoes to demo on the trails.  Sweet!  I went with the Rogue Racer.  It was light and flexible and reminded me of the New Balance 890.

I'm socially inept so before the run I just stood there and didn't talk to anyone.  I do that awkward thing where I move a little closer to a group of people, in the hopes that I'll slide right in to the conversation.  Why do I suck so bad at talking to people?!  Thank goodness our daughter got my husband's social skills.  She jumps out of the car at the park, screaming "My friends! My friends!" and immediately strikes up a game of hide and seek.

We split off into groups and I went with the single track (narrower, more technical trail) folks.  There were four of us including the Montrail rep and as soon as we took off, so did the chatter.  We were moving at a pretty good pace.  The shoes were amazing and I felt so smooth in my stride.  Throughout the run, I stared at the ground and chatted.  We talked about everything and before you know it, the run was over.  Our leader is a girl, still running in college, who qualified for the Olympic trials.  Of course, since she was leading a group of rec runners she was moving at a much slower pace, but that doesn't change the facts.  I KEPT UP WITH A GIRL WHO QUALIFIED FOR THE OLYMPIC TRIALS.

After the run, the Montrail rep swapped our demo shoes back for our own shoes, and then she tossed out goodies for every one.

I ended up with nice pair of socks for my husband.
When I got home, we had brisket tacos.  This is after my brisket sandwich I had for lunch.  We're making a dent!
I didn't want to take the trash out last night, so I said I would do it this morning.  Of course it's raining cats and dogs.  My own fault really, but I will still use the completion of this horrible task to get out of another task.

Hope it's a great weekend!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun run! I am always that way too....shy at first and don't feel like I can talk comfortably right away. Sounds like once you started running you got in the groove! Running is funny like that. Helps break the ice!

    And YUM! Brisket tacos is the best way to eat brisket! That sounds SOOO good right now!

    I have no idea what a cat girl is?! But I am glad you got some more followers, and you are like famous now! :) :)

  2. Well I am here to help you stats :) Love your blog...high-lar-ious! And brisket tacos are the!

  3. Mmmmmm. I just had brisket tacos again for lunch. So what, if I hit 1500 calories by lunch time.

  4. Woohoo famous lady. When I opened up SR this morning I was like... hey! I read her blog already. I felt special too :)

    Your brisket tacos look delish...

  5. I am so proud to have known you before you were famous. Ha ha. Envious of those brisket tacos.

  6. I'm still denying I know you. Does that count?

  7. I think that you should get out of your car at your next meet up and yell "My friends! My friends!" I'm sure someone will talk to you.... it may be a "are you lost?" conversation, but hey it's something.

  8. I am super excited to get into trail running! And, I am wicked impressed that you did a marathon after only 8 months. You are my new inspiration (my goal is to do the Tough Mudder by May).

    I'm not worthy!


  9. What-ev Angie. I'm the best thing that ever walked into your life.

    Super idea Karen.

    Thanks E. Trust me... you are worthy.

  10. Very cool! I'd love to do a run like this where I got to try out new shoes. Also, I'm new to your blog - I love your header. I did all my running outside this summer training for my half and was proud of being able to avoid rejoining the gym (will cave and join this fall though).

  11. Thanks ROC (mind if I call you that?)! I have thought about joining a gym lately so I can have access to a pool. I'm just so cheap!

  12. Dude you have made me think about a running group. Around here everyone is so elitist and irritating but I think I need some kind of fellow running slash wear some new shoes for a run with a free sock giver outer kinda group. Long commute to yours though. Hmm.