Monday, October 17, 2011

I have no creativity today and this title sucks juevos (balls, right?)

I went on a two mile run yesterday and today.  My legs have felt fantastic, but I've been hacking up flem like crazy.  It's delicious.

Check out this outfit that cost me a total of about $16.  Not a flattering shot of the top, but it was on sale at Target for $8 and the capris (They're wicking!) were on sale at Old Navy for like 7 or $8!

Cinnamon brooms are back at Trader Joe's!!! Finally, my house can stop smelling like dog farts.
Lucy and Slim.  Slim likes to lie in the highest traffic areas of the house, not move for hours, and fart.
I made those red bean and quinoa burritos two more times.  They're so easy, not expensive, and my husband has given this meatless item the seal of approval!  Wow!

Have I mentioned that my husband started running?  We'll see if he sticks with it.  He usually goes gung ho for something and then burns out after a month.  He's really loving the Map My Run app on his new phone.  Since he's so results oriented, literally being able to see his pace and distance numbers might actually help him to stick with it.

I think the kids and I might head to the mall later so I can get myself ,yet another, free pair of Victoria Secret underwear.  Have the rest of you ladies been getting these coupons in the mail?  It's awesome!  Every month they have been sending out a coupon for one free pair of drawrs (no purchase necessary!) and $10 off a bra.  Lord knows I love free stuff!

You still have time to come up with an awesome name/phrase/message that will win you a shirt with that name/phrase/message on it!

-Hugh Jass


  1. Ah, free stuff. I spent my whole freshman year going to interest meetings for organizations because of the free food...

    My wife used to get those coupons when we were in college, but not anymore. Perhaps we're a bit too far from civilization now?

  2. I hate the smell of Cinnamon! I don't know why I needed to share that, but now you know for future reference.

  3. Isn't juevos "eggs?" LOL I guess it can be balls too. So now I have a new phrase to use.

    That's a cute top. I might have to hit up Target (again) soon.

  4. Viewing pace and distance? that's what a garmin watch is for! I can understand though, don't share your garmin. man-cooties and all.

  5. In that picture it looks like you are balancing that shelf on your head. How does a Hugh Jass do that?

  6. I totally used to get those VS coupons all the time and LOVED them. Then all of a sudden... poof... they stopped. Depressed now.

  7. You can balance most anything on a Hugh Jass.

    What?! You call up Victoria and you demand your free panties!