Thursday, October 6, 2011

Look how high tech i am

I finally got a new phone. "New" as in, I am the first original owner. Oh and guess what? It's a smart phone. I finally joined the rest of the drones.  We switched carriers (so long verizon) and now we pay the same amount for extra features like data.

I am currently blogging via my samaug replenish and I continue to avoid packing.  However, having typed out 5 or 6 full sentences does make me realize a) I suck at spelling, and b) I no longer want to type out full blog posts on my phone.

I think I added a picture of my empty backpack, but I'm not certain.  it's actually not empty. It does contain my new hat and a shower bag.


  1. LOL! I haven't to blog via smart phone yet. You're brave!

  2. I've done a couple of blogs from my phone. It sucks butt. Get packed. I don't want you running around with me naked all weekend. Think about the chaffing.