Friday, October 7, 2011

What a day, what a day!

My day didn't start of well. Here's the breakdown.

  • Woke up at 5 am and was headed to the airport at 6.
  • At 7:20 I boarded a miniature plane.

  • I arrived in Chicago and boarded the EL to head downtown.  
  • After leaving the EL, I somehow lost my Metra card so I couldn't take the bus to the Expo.
  • I walked 3 miles to the Expo.

  • I finally found Angie and the Bitches at the expo, got my stuff, and we headed back to the hotel.  
  • I had an Italian beef sandwich.
  • We got some rest and then we headed out for an amazing dinner.
  • We are now hanging out, drinking some wine in the hotel, telling stories and having a great time.  
I had a bit of a rocky patch there for a little bit, but I'm having a great time now.

Hugh Jass

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