Friday, October 28, 2011

P-Stone Halloween Run

If you haven't seen me post about the Rolling P-Stone, here's a little background info:

On there is a Charlotte Runners group.  Basically, anyone can schedule a meet up and there is something on the calendar every single day, morning and evening, in every part of Charlotte.  The more popular meet ups happen every week like clockwork and have gained some loyal attendees.  The Rolling P-Stone meet up happens every Thursday at 6:30 pm.  Everyone gathers at a pub called The Philosopher's Stone, run's the P-Stone route of about 4.5 miles, and then has a beer on the back patio of the pub.  Every week 50-60 people show up to run the P-Stone.  The route takes you through the very hilly and beautiful Elizabeth/Eastover neighborhoods.  The run is well received by the neighborhood.  One house has even built a very nice brick water fountain for public use.  It's a very relaxed, light hearted, fun environment.

Last night the usual P-Stone run was a little different.  For the past four years, they have turned their most popular group run into a Halloween party.  Same place, same time, same beer.  Just add costumes, food and prizes.

Way more people were dressed up than were not.  The costume contest had 5 categories: Scariest, Most Creative, Hardest (to run in), Best Cross Dressed, and a random Just For Showing Up prize.  My personal favorites were a nude guy, a bucket of popcorn and Prefontaine.  I only took a few pictures.  I was using my phone so the quality went down along with the setting sun. 

Here is a screen print of the route and elevations.

Aside from the fun of the costume party, this was absolutely my best P-Stone yet!  I didn't walk at all and in the final stretch I even passed a few people who had previously passed me.  I haven't done this run in about a month and the new temps were such a big help.  Also, it was dark almost the entire time.  Something about not being able to see the hills makes them psychologically easier to handle.
Thank goodness I had this old costume hanging around.  See.  It's good to be a hoarder.

I only stayed for one beer and had a little bit of the pasta and amazing artichoke dip that was provided.  Therefore I didn't see who won the costume contest.  I had to be back home so my husband could attend his own "meet up" of sorts at a nearby bar to watch the Rangers play for the 50th time in one week.  Can you tell I'm getting sick of all this World Series bull shit.  He's still in bed... again.

-Hugh Jass


  1. Don't even start on me on sports!!!

    That sounds like a fun run and I think your costume was really cute!

    Yeah for not stoppping!! And a bigger yeah for passing people :)