Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Confused Bandwagoner

Let's go over all the amazing things going on in my life right now!

I had a really great run this morning.  7.3 miles and I refused to let the pace killers in the last 1.5 get me.  Take that bitches!

We've been juicing.  We were at the mall and stumbled upon a juicer at GNC for half price!  We've only had it for two days, so I can't yet attest to miraculous healing/detoxing powers that this machine has brought us.  So far I feel like we waste a lot.  For every 10 pounds of pulp in the pulp catcher we only get an ounce of juice.  Does anyone know of anything you can do with all that pulp?  We already compost.  Is there anything else?

I made another fantastic quinoa dinner the other night from this recipe that I found at Peas and Thank You.  I am now experimenting with a protein bar recipe from that same blog.  The pumpkin ones have turned out flavorless twice now, but the peanut butter protein bars just came out and they smell delicious.  Let's hope they taste delicious.

Does swinging at the park count as cross training?  Maybe not, but I did finally make it all the way across the monkey bars and my arms are crazy sore!  It's all about controlling your flailing body so you exert less energy.  Write that down.

I think I'm giving up on making the kids costumes this year.  My mom had already sent them Batgirl and Superman so I think I'll just go with that.  I hate it.  I told myself that I would always make their costumes, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting creative this year.  I still have a few days though.  We'll see.

As I was taking the above pictures off my phone, I found this one that I had taken at the Brookstone in O'hare.  I like the new direction the company is headed.

And last but not least, Angie's husband is somewhat of an internet celebrity the last few days.  He attended one of the Rangers World Series games in his New York Rangers Hockey Jersey and caused quite a stir.  Some Oberman guy (I'm sure the dudes know who he is) and some other dudes called him a "confused bandwagoner"  here.  I guess this guy is special because Doug was stoked that he slammed him.  Albeit a very mild slam.  He was also mentioned here and here.  It's all pretty hilarious.  Here is the pic that has been going around
Doug finally got some redemption in this interview that he posted earlier on facebook.  I'm just excited because I finally know a celebrity!  Yay me!!!!

-Hugh Jass


  1. As you can see I am doing nothing better today than waiting for you to post so I can comment! :)
    So the pulp...well I have used it in meatloaf...which was pretty good. (Carrot pulp) And I have fed it to the horses...and dogs.. (Carrot and apple pulp)...and orange pulp...maybe I am weird but I like putting a little back in the juice I drink.
    And that is so funny about the interview!!

  2. My fave costume my mom made me when I was kid was a massive head. Yup, that's it--just a head. She bought a massive balloon that was like 3 feet tall and made a paper mache head that went all the way down to my shins. And of course, she cut little arm holes on the side of my large head. It was awesome!

  3. @S&R Those are some good pulp ideas. I also might put a little back in the juice like you said. I like a little pulp in my juice.

    @Heather Giant head=awesome!

  4. Aunt Woo (Erica) buys Liam's costume every year. This year he will be a shark.

  5. You make costumes?! You're my hero.

  6. Dude this is too funny! And You probably just didnt have to time to get creative outside the kitchen!

  7. I'm about to make a mad dash to Brookstone. Do they have an "adults only" section?

  8. Alecia... you call yourself a hippy and you don't know who this is....????

    Or remember...

    Or way back in the day...

  9. Oh! THAT'S Keith Oberman! I like him!

  10. But who would confuse the Rangers with the Rangers? haha, wow. As if New York and Texas didn't have anything in common.

  11. Nice sketch of an erect middle finger! I'm so glad you linked to that recipe... I was about to comment that Thai fried quinoa sounded interesting and that I was off to look it up!

    Personal massager...hmm. Maybe it can be sold next to the Shakeweight.

    I wouldn't have even noticed it was a NY Rangers jersey instead of Texas! That's how much of a sports fan I am.