Thursday, October 20, 2011

WINNER! And she's talking about YOUR MOM!

And here it is, the moment you all have been waiting for (i'm sure you have)!  The winner of an astounding, random, clearance rack custom race shirt is........

JENNIFER! who's message was
"If a marathon was easy, it would be called your mom" 

Oh SLAM!  

The two runners up were John with Drew P. Weiner, and Heather with Jenny Taylia.  I also loved Imus B. Slow, and Candy Yass by Jams.  

I would still like to know why "Erin runs braless" and EMZ, we must think alike.  You came up with Smar Tass.  When Hugh was still in the brainstorming phase, I had jotted down Grey Tass.  I also thought I might make Angie a shirt that says Bee Hotch.  Get it?  Like Beeotch?  

I absolutely loved hearing all of your phenomenal ideas and I'm pretty sure that I will be slamming everyone's mom in my next race!  Idea thief, right here.  I think I'll also be having you guys play this little game again sometime so keep your thinking caps on.

Jennifer, email me your shirt size and address so I can get started!

-Hugh Jass


  1. If only I had thought of it... I was too busy trying to come up with names. Your Mom is thrown around our house more than the dog's toys...

    It's a running joke that we're going to go into a restaurant and put our name on the waiting list as Urmom...

  2. Mike Hunt (my stepbrother IRL)
    Mike Rotch
    Mike Hawk

  3. Harry Beaver
    Harry * (etc. too numerous to mention)

  4. I'll take second place to that one. Very good! I often say that "if triathlon were easier they would call it football".

  5. Well, I don't really run braless (although, my 12 year old boy body could probably get away with it) - but, it was a bad pun on Erin Go Braugh since my first half is on St. Patrick's Day this year.