Friday, October 21, 2011

Rant'n and Rave'n for Friday

Topic number one:  Hobby Lobby

I'm in the process of making the kids Halloween costumes so the day before yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to grab a few things.  I get to the checkout and their credit machines were down and guess what, they don't take checks!  Cash Only Bitches!!!  I went back last night in need of a bobbin for my sewing machine.  Every f'ing bobbin in that place said "For Singer sewing machines only.  Do not use with..." and it proceeded to list every other brand in existence including my Janome.  I hate you Hobby Lobby!!!!!!!!!!!

Topic number two:  Coffee

I'm out of coffee filters.  That's all.

Topic number three: Poloitics

I stood in line for four hours, 8 months pregnant, with a toddler, in a library just to cast my vote in the last election.  Did you catch that?  Library+Toddler!  For four hours!  Go do that, and then you can tell me what your views are.

Topic number four: This house!

It's disgusting.  I can't keep up with the mess that the hellions create so I've been letting them play in a mildly dangerous tree house just so they'll be outside.  Don't freak out.  They are very good and careful about going up and down the steps.  Also, I can see and hear them from my station in the laundry room.  It's not really all that dangerous, it's just a new level in backyard play that I'm not accustom to.

I haven't run in a while.  I wonder if that's why Queen Bitch has reared her ugly head.  Literally ugly.

Topic number five: pores

My pizza face is out of control this week!  That bacon facial did me no good!

-Hugh Jass


  1. Go running! It will help! Hobby Lobby has pissed me off a few times. Last week I went there. And they had these pumpkins lined on shelf with sign that said 40% off. So I went to register...and guess what they were only 30% off. Really irritated me and I was like "why do you have that sign right there with all those pumpkins???!!!!" of course she said she didn't know....ok my hobby lobby rant is over. I am going to rant over on my blog now! :)

    Kids being outside burning energy is always a good thing!!!