Thursday, November 24, 2011

I can't wait to make my gut explode!

First off, I'm thankful for friends that we've been able have fantastic Thanksgivings with over the last 3 years!  3 years, 3 different groups of friends, all our families away from home.  I especially loved the McLouglin family Whiskey Sour tradition.  Damn, I should have gotten the makings for it this year!  This year it's wine with Denise!  I can't wait!

I'm also thankful for awesome husband's sixth sense for food.  Ever since his grandmother passed away he has taken over as maker of the infamous chicken dressing and giblet gravy.  It should be noted that I always disliked stuffing/dressing until my first Taylor Thanksgiving when I tasted Juanita's heavenly concoction.  Brad makes it exactly as she did.  The incredible thing is that last night I asked him if she had shown him to make these recipes and he said not really.  He said he watched her a little bit the last couple of years she was around, but he just "went off flavor".  Crazy.  Last night I assisted in food prep and begged Brad to just let me bake the smallest dish of dressing so I could have it for breakfast this morning (aka Thanksgiving crack) but he said no. :(  Oh, well.  I'll eat that entire dish by myself this afternoon!

Have a great holiday and eat until your gut explodes!

-Hugh Jass

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