Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lazy lady

I haven't run in quite a while.  I keep saying I will... but I don't.  Sure, we've been really busy with getting ready to move, but I have definitely had my opportunities.  My husband even went for a 7 mile run the other day.  That's the furthest he has ever run!  What world do we live in where my meat eating, beer drinking, social smoker husband is out doing me?!  He's even been the one to lecture ME about food choices.  WTF?  We're in a Twilight zone, but not the kind with sexy vampires that everyone goes crazy about.

On the bright side, I think packing is going really well.  Actually, better than it ever has before.  I'm making a lot of progress with the "hidden items".  Meaning, I usually pack up all the things that are in plain sight, like pictures and shelves, only to later be overwhelmed by all the things hidden in cabinets and closets.  I have half of the kitchen already done which I believe to be the hardest considering all the glass that has to be wrapped.  I also packed up all clothing that definitely won't be used in the next three weeks.  That leaves me with 3 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans.  Pretty much.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  You would have forgotten had I not mentioned it.  Brad will be making his granny's green bean casserole and dressing(<<My fave!) tonight, then tomorrow after he volunteers at IKEA Charlotte's soup kitchen (I just want to say how great it is that IKEA chose to give back to the community on the holiday vs staying open to make extra money like some other aforementioned retailers) we'll head over to our friends house for mass food consumption.

Hope you all have a great holiday!

-Hugh Jass


  1. Let's see how my new comment section works with the mobile template.

  2. Damn it. Commenting from my phone on the mobile template made it change back to the old comment boxes. If you go over Just a Colorado Girl's blog you can see what I was trying to do.

  3. 3 weeks is it? That's all of your NC time that's left? Geez. Have a great holiday Hugh Jass!