Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm tired and I hate moving HATE

I'm really not in as fowl a mood as the post title would suggest, but I really do hate moving.  Not changing locations, but the actual act of moving is the worst.  We didn't get out of Charlotte until around 5pm last Saturday.  We had originally planned on leaving at 5 AM!  You know how Styrofoam decomposes in half lives?  After 10 million years half of a cup will be gone, and after another 10 million years half of that half will be gone.  Well, that's what our progress felt like, and theoretically there are an infinite number of halves left.  Our land lord did an unofficial walk through before we were finished (but after all the carpets had been vacuumed and steamed) and was being an ass.  It became quite apparent that he would be fighting us for our deposit no matter what, so we gave up on cleaning early and just got the hell out of there.  The only thing we didn't accomplish was the final touch ups on the walls were the kids had drawn in a few places.  The landlord had been pissy with us from the day we said we were moving.  I take it as a compliment though.  We were really good tenants, with our rent in the mail on time every month and we only called him once when the AC went out.  We made his job very easy, so why wouldn't he be pissed that we were leaving?  We were suppose to do a final walk through with him, but we just left the keys under the mat and texted him "We're out".
Our house was the blue one and that driveway was killing us!
Once on the road we drove until midnight or a little after.  We stopped at a truck stop somewhere in Alabama and slept for about 5 hours.  My son and I slept in our Ford while my daughter and husband slept in the Penske.  We were back on the road at 5:30am on Sunday and made it to my in laws at around 7pm Texas time!  We had originally planned on going to our house and unpacking what we needed to sleep, but thankfully the MIL and FIL talked some sense into us.  For nearly 24 hours I stared at the back of my own car which really doesn't bother me at all.  I happen to think that my "Friend of the Smokies" plates along with my 26.2 magnet make for excellent viewing.
Passing by the Horse Shoe Casino in Shrievport
We took our time waking up and had a good breakfast on Monday morning.  Brad and I even went for a short 3 mile run together, then we headed to our lovely little old house.  It was in decent shape when we got here.  The last tenant had left some trash out by the road that needed to be organized and put into cans, but that's about it.  The very first tenant had ripped the carpet out of the master bedroom (that crazy bitch is a story in an of itself) so we had that to look forward to.
Thanks Michelle Vansickle, you psychotic wench!
We're slowly getting everything set up.  Being so close to the holidays makes it difficult though.  It will be a week or two before the carpet can be installed and our only internet for now is my husbands Sprint wifi hotspot on his phone.  Better than no internet at all though!  We still have boxes EVERYWHERE, and much of that is due to not being able to move anything into the master bedroom yet.

One thing I've been missing for the past 3 years is my amazing cast iron tub!  You may rant and rave about your garden or Jacuzzi tub, but I'm telling you now, NOTHING beats the coziness of an old cast iron.  When sitting up, my feet come nowhere close to the end, and my husband can lay all the way out.  I love it!
I still haven't found my shower curtains.
There are so many other things that I can tell you about this house.  Every room has a story of what we did to it along with an array of before and after photos.  That tub was painted mustard yellow (Technical name: Harvest Gold) to match a fiberglass shower stall when we bought the house.  I absolutely love this old place and how we've made it ours.  It's only a two bedroom and the fact that we have two children and plan on living here really bewilders people.  "How are you going to do that with two kids?!" they ask in concern.  Um, they'll share a room with a bunk bed.  The average single family home in the 1950's was 400 sq ft less than what this house is.  Kids shared rooms and that's how it was.  Maybe someday we'll decide if we want to move or add on, but for now there is no reason to increase our incredibly affordable mortgage.

Can't wait to start running around town!

-Hugh Jass

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