Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Pumped" about new carpet!

I went on a very brief 24 minute run two days ago.  No I've got a cold, or allergies, or something so I'm waiting for that to blow over.  I got some cool running stuff for Christmas, but I haven't taken pictures so I'll post about that later.

Let me tell you about my new carpet.

As you may know, we had rented our house out to 3 different tenants in 3 years.  Tenant #1 took it upon herself to tear the carpet out of the master bedroom because she psycho bitch.  Yesterday our new carpet was on it's way to being installed.

Since our house is really old (1920) there are no closets in the bedroom.  Instead we use these two giant wardrobe units from IKEA.  Those are 10 ft ceilings that you see in the pic so the units are 8' tall.  Since it costs more money for the installers to move furniture, we decided to move the wardrobes out ourselves.

My husband had one of the units leaning toward him and holding it up while I was steadying it (doing nothing) from the other side.  Then I hear my husband say "Something's falling off the top. It hit me.  OMG!! It's a penis pump!! It's a penis pump!!"

Yeah.  A disgusting penis pump fell from the top of our wardrobe unit and hit my husband on the head.  We thought about sending a message to our former tenant and asking her if she wanted to drop by for her mail and penis pump.

-Hugh Jass

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