Friday, January 20, 2012

2.5 = 3.7

So, has anyone else noticed that the new "comment reply" function that blogger touted isn't working.  Why do you have to make things so hard blogger?!

The weather her the past two days has been beautiful.  Sunny and in the 70's.  I went for a run yesterday on what I thought was a 2.5 mile route.  I thought I was running the same route that my husband described to me a few days earlier.  I didn't start my watch because I didn't care about time, so everything was going on feel, and that little 2.5 mile run felt like it was taking forever.  I started getting angry, blaming the long dragging miles on the flat, dull, treeless landscape and my ability to see every inch of the mile ahead of me.

BUT, as it turns out, I didn't run what my husband was describing and according to map my run, I did 3.77 miles.  I went from angry to thinking that wasn't a bad run at all!  And the route wasn't awesome, I mean, it's no Mallard Creek Greenway, but it's a decent little run for now.  I miss the trees, hills, curves and creeks.

-Hugh Jass


  1. That's 1.2 more miles than you thought! Well done!*

  2. Our differences of opinion about the weather continue to astound me. 70s is beautiful for running? It was 50 and rainy this morning - that's beautiful for running! :P