Monday, January 9, 2012


I finally ran a somewhat significant distance.  6.7 miles with my dad and step brother in law around the back roads where my dad lives.  My dad did 13.  The SBIL and I showed up after he had started and my step mom drove us out to meet up with him.

I'm a little pissed at Texas weather right now.  All week it was 70 degrees and the sun was shining, then on Saturday it turns to overcast and 50 degrees.  Damn it!  After the run I started getting a runny nose, my head a hurt a little and I was really tired.  My husband suggested I go and get allergy medicine, but no!  I don't have allergies!  I don't take medicine!  I am a rock solid human being with no ailments whatsoever!

I felt better after lying down for a bit, but that didn't come without consequences.  The kids fell asleep for the last 15 minutes of our car ride home, so of course, when we got into the house they were pumped and ready to have fun.  I was not.  I told them to go to their room and play so I could rest and afterward I would go outside and watch them ride their bikes.  All was good for a while until I realized it had gotten very quiet.  They weren't in the house, they weren't in the back yard and the back gate was open.  Shit.  Our house is on a corner and both streets end just a few doors down from us.  Those two dead ends are where the kids are allowed to ride their bikes, and they weren't there either.  I looked in the opposite direction and there they were, having a blast with a new friend.  I called them back and took away their bikes, which is when my daughter told me that I had ruined her life.  This makes me feel very accomplished as a parent.  I thought I had years before I would be skilled enough to ruin her life.

Anyway, they've both been grounded for the first time in their lives.  Yesterday they begged to go out and play with the neighbor kids, and again, I was informed that I had ruined their lives.  To which I always reply "Good.  That's what happens when you run off without telling anyone."

-Hugh Jass

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