Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The perfect place to be in horrific pain

I'm finally in that place where I remember that I'm pregnant and I'm even starting to look at baby stuff.  Things like a new carrier and new cloth diapers.  Yeah, that says CLOTH diapers.  It's not that bad I promise.  Also, it looks like my baby Bjorn carrier is so last season and there are some newer brands on the market.

Most pregnant women at my stage have already been to the doctor for their first appt, but I'm being really picky this time around.  I want a midwife hippie and I do NOT want to be in a hospital.  I don't want an epidural  and I don't want my "midwife" pushing me to get one this time.  I want birthing balls, water birth options, granola, braids and drum circles.

So yesterday I toured my dream birthing center, Allen Birthing Center.   It's a in a cute old house in Allen, TX.

 They have plenty of lovely outdoor space where you can go to attempt relaxtion.

 Both of the suits have yoga balls and optional tubs
 This one is just like my claw foot tub!  

But all this cool stuff isn't even what got me hyped up about this place.  I was given the tour by Amy, who owns and runs the center.  When we were talking she noticed my "Training for Cowtown" shirt that I was wearing and asked if I had run it last year.  My response was "Actually, I'm running it this February, and I know that sounds crazy but..."  She cut me off mid sentence and said "Oh, don't worry.  I'm a runner, I totally understand."  She has run 7 marathons and she's even doing the half in this years Cowtown!  Then as she started putting explanation of their processes into racing terms.  She explained that my family and I would have free rein over the entire house including the kitchen and they encourage eating.  I said "Wow! Not ice chips for hours?!" To which she responds, "Well, you wouldn't run a marathon and put your body through that effort without consuming some energy or electrolytes."  Excellent point!

So in short, I fell in love with this place.  The only thing standing in my way is possibly insurance.  They aren't in any network which could pose problems for me.  My insurance is badass (That's what happens when you work for Socialist Swedes) and even though having a kid through a midwife is cheaper in general, having a kid through my insurer is damn near free.

I have another appointment with another birthing center/midwife tomorrow.  This one is in network and I think they focus more on home births which I'm not opposed to, but I have lots of questions about it.  We'll see.

-Hugh Jass

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