Thursday, February 16, 2012

The opposite of sausage fest for 200

I haven't been blogging much or even reading very many blogs lately (sorry blog friends.  I'll try to fix that).

I have been running a little here and there, but without any goals. It's nice but weird and kind of dull.  My husband and I started a running group here in our little town and we had our first meet up last Saturday.  We had 3 people show up, not including my husband and I.  Not too bad really.  A)It's a small town so there isn't a large pool of runners to draw from.  I think we may end up creating more runners than already exist, and that's just fine by me. B) It was our very first meet up. C) It was 34 degrees that morning so the people who did come out were real troopers and I have a lot of faith that they will continue to come out.

We had a pretty good 3 mile run, of which I ran the entire way.  I know, big whoop it's just a 3 miler.  Dude, for real, it doesn't matter how short the run is lately, when I'm by myself will power and motivation are non existent.  Running with other people always pumps me up somehow.  It's a big reason why we started this group.  We start and end on the square in the middle of town (it's a small but adorable little town) and afterward have coffee at one of the cafe's.

Right now we have a variety of speeds, although I would love to see some walkers come and join us.  We're a little short on testosterone right.  2 out of the 5 were guys at our first meet up, but all 19 members on the Celina Runners facebook group are chicks.  What is the opposite of a sausage fest?   Something with clams?  I would like to add another run or two during the week and I've noticed that one of the Mexican restaurants in town does free margaritas on Tuesday nights.  Hmmm... Terrible Tuesday Margarita Run?  Of course mine would have to be virgin for a while (Booooo for virgins!!!!).

Would it be a clam bake? No?

-Hugh Jass


  1. That is awesome that you started a running club!! And hey--3 miles is still 3 miles! I didn't even get my 3 miles in yesterday, I only got 1.5 :)

  2. you guys were troopers all the way!! it was FREEZING outside that day. i cant wait to join you when i get just a little bit closer. and also, need to purchase that jogging stroller still. but i will! glad to see you finally put up another post...i have missed them :( you know this gives me excitement while at work!!!! Well, im sure i will be a definant walker when i first join since my attention craving kiddo will not allow me to run on my treadmill at home :( boo.

  3. I wish someone started a running club in my area ....I did a short tempo yesterday!

  4. I agree group runs are so much better...they keep you going!
    Tuesday Margarita Run sounds great!
    I would def be there:)

    I am glad to hear you are still running!

  5. Group runs are the best. I can't imagine training for half or full marathons on your own - boring.

  6. Clam Bake works...maybe "Hot Pockets"?
    I have been struggling a bit since I ate enough to be "with child" after the holidays. I boo-hoo when I don't get a long run over the weekend. But recently I thought about what used to be my "long runs" in the beginning and I appreciate how far I have come.
    Just registered (by mail) for my 50 Miler rematch! Last year was a DNF at 46 miles. Hope I made the registration list.

  7. I think it's awesome that you're starting up a running group. It takes a little dedication, but it's so worth it in the end.

  8. Chris! A 50 miler?! Wow!

    I'll keep everyone posted on how the group goes.