Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Uncooperative weather

We had out second week of running group last Saturday.  We had our same five out there again.  There were 3 or 4 people who proclaimed they would totally be there, BUT the weather was calling for rain and whah, whah, whah.  I get it though.  I've melted once or twice while running in the rain.  The funny thing is that the rain actually held off until we were all done running and getting in our cars to head our separate ways.  I really love our die hards though, who despite less than pleasant weather conditions have continued to show up.  Brad and I will be in Fort Worth this weekend for the Cowtown 5&10k on Saturday and then the half and full marathons on Sunday.  The other three in the running group said they're still getting together on Saturday morning.
Brad made little direction signs last week

Me and Lindee being awesome

Ryan getting his stretch on.  He's working his way through the C25K program

Rain?  What about it?!  Lindee, me, and Marsha

Ryan and Marsha waiting on the chatty Kathy's (me and Lindee) to finish

Other than that, I have had absolutely nothing going on in my hum drum life.  We're still getting re-aclimated to Texas life.  We thought we would just pick back up where we left off with old friends and old activities, but that isn't how it works.  Instead of one small baby we now have two very active children and some of our still single friends just aren't digging it.  Some of our friends who do have kids just don't like doing a damn thing all together.  I would be lying if I said this wasn't getting on my nerves a little bit.  I just spent 3 1/2 years with a minimal social life.  Without very many child rearing friends, or sitter options, social outings were kept to a minimum.  Now, I have both of those things and I'm ready to party!  Actually, I have been hanging out with Karen a lot.  Together we drag our children out of the confines and safety of their homes and into the public domain where behavior is unknown and humiliation is a possibility.

I decided I need some goals.  Well so far I only have one.

1) run at least 3 times a week a minimum of 2 miles for the duration of my pregnancy.

That's all I've got.  What do you think my goals should be?  I just need there to be something that keeps my mind in the game, if only a little.

-Hugh Jass


  1. You crack me up! I like your goal. I think mine will look something like that when I am prego. Kick butt this weekend!

  2. We're going to hit 70* here tomorrow. I'm very excited about that. it's supposed to be quite sunny as well. The two days of winter we got may seem texas-like.

  3. The weather has off and on warm and then cold. Warm and beautiful during the week, then cold and rainy on the weekends.

  4. HEY NOW!!! I like RELAXING on the weekends..I swear during the week it seems like I have no time whatsoever to do a darn thing. Work, Evin (which is work when your husband is gone all night long working on building me a house (HOORAY!!!), sleep...to do it all over again..and again...so take your little nerves and give them a chill pill. wait for it...:) smiley face!!! call ya later after work..during my free time of the day, on the way home..i will use it on you because i love you. :)))))