Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whaaaaa! Hold my bike!!! Whaaaaaa!

The title is what my 3 year old son screamed at me half way home from the track this evening.  I walk/jogged with the kids as they rode bikes to the track, did 1 mile and then walk/jogged back.  I wasn't planning on getting in a really hard workout.  Just something to loosen my legs up before this weekend.  Oh, wait, did we forget?  I'm running a marathon on Sunday.  A very slow and "easy" marathon.  I'm nervous about it and have chosen not to mention it much on the blog.  That's because I'm totally prepared and willing to take my DNF if for some reason something doesn't feel right.  I think it's unlikely that anything will go wrong with the parasitic human inside me, but I'm not setting any grand expectations anyway.  My training hasn't been top notch, but I think it's been satisfactory.  I've had some bad runs, but it was always on account of my terrible mental attitude.  For Chicago I had all these plans for a great PR driving to train really well.  Not so much this time around.

The last three runs I've been on have put me in great spirits.  Given they've been really short runs, but my legs and stride felt good and right.  For some reason my stride had just felt weird lately and it was bringing me down.

I feel good now, and I'm for the challenge this weekend.  I do want to finish, but I assure everyone that I am more than OK with dropping out if necessary.  Not that I'm predicting any need.  I'm just saying.

P.S. I actually can't stand when people say "Just saying" because it's usually at the end of some spiteful and arrogant facebook status update.

-Hugh Jass


  1. Good luck with the marathon. You can always do planned run/walk throughout. I am finally running like I am not in my third trimester. You are right about the joy of recapturing your stride. I have also actually recaptured the fantasy that people are impressed when they see me floating down the avenue...And a good writer does not grab the reader with a great title only to never follow up with the details...I'm just saying...

  2. Have some fun this weekend! Just go out there and take it one mile at a time. That's what I did.

  3. WOW, a marathon whiel pregnant! Even attempting one!!! I hope it goes well!

    And BTW...LOVE salt and vinegar chips!!! YUM, I am just saying :)