Friday, March 23, 2012

From my phone Friday

1) This post is being done completely from my phone in the backseat of a van between my two kids who are going a little nuts. I keep hoping for my son to pass out. How is still going?!  So don't expect good grammar or spelling. Also, the following pictures may or may not be in the in order for which they are discussed.

2) We had our sonogram yesterday! We're having a.... we don't know because we never find out! I don't open my gifts before Christmas!  In the terrible pic below, look for the two dark circles that are eye sockets. Think "dia de los muerta" art and you'll see my kid's face.

3) My husband made tamales and they are delicious. Too bad he's giving them all away to our running group tomorrow. Sucks to be me.

4) We just got back from the R&R Dallas expo. I hate navigating and parking in downtown. We got an excellent deal on an Ifitness belt for Brad (he's running, I'm just cheering). $22 for the one with 6 gu loops and a pouch. Then we stumbled upon the deal of the year. I stopped over at the Timex booth just to look at all the pretty colors. The lady showed us their newest GPS watch that they aren't yet selling in stores. It retails for, wait for it... $99! They were running a special just for the expo and after tax we snagged that sweet watch for 86 bucks! It's no thicker than my current timex so it fits the female wrist very well. Brad will using it way more than me for a while but I can't to give you a good review! Have you ever seen a gps watch for under 100 brand new?!

5) Wish Brad luck in his very first half marathon on Sunday! I'm already a little pissed because his t-shirt is so much better than what I got last year.

- Hugh Jass

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  1. Awesome deal for the watches. I have not tried Timex but have the Garmin 305 and New Balance N9. The N9 is lighter and more "watch-like" but the Garmin is a bit easier to work with (menus) and has more features. I also costs more.
    Mmmm, Tamales.
    Goo Luck, Brad!