Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where I've been

This one won't be like my other "where I've been" posts that I used to do a long time ago.

I DID go somewhere though.  Last week I went to Robber's Cave state park just outside of McKallister (I don't know how to spell it) Oklahoma.  However I did not take a camera.  So, sorry about that.  The kids and I camped in tent beside my dad's horse trailer/camper and my step sis and her family stayed in a cabin across the park.  We were in the equestrian campground so it did smell like horses and manure but I grew up with those smells and they really don't bother me.  I did a short trail run (only about 20 minutes) on the equestrian trails on Thursday.  My daughter peed or crapped her pants every single day of the trip.  Seriously.  It's embarrassing to even mention it.  She is nearly 5 years old and this should not be happening.  It all boils down to laziness and apathy.  I also think it's partly my fault as a parent for never having taught her how to squat.  Perhaps the distance to the community restroom was just too daunting.  Other than that, the park is really beautiful.  There are more than 50 miles of trails, then there are lakes, streams, cliffs, and of course the caves to climb around in.  It got it's name from when bank robbers would come to the area and hide out.

Running wise things have been grand.  I had a great group run on Saturday and acquired one new guy!  I'm excited about this guy because he and his wife will both be running with us and they have 3 kids almost exactly the age of my kids.  I have to stop myself from being creepy even though I think we're destined to be BFF's and have game nights together (just kidding... maybe)!

I went on two runs yesterday.  One was Alaurie's second mile in her kid's marathon training and it was 1 minute faster than her previous mile even though we had to stop and wait on her whiny little brother (who was on a bike).  After that I did my own 2 3/4 mile run in Vibrams.  It's been so long since I have run in them.  The belly has created this outward pendulum effect that has been throwing off my stride and running in the Vibrams helped me figure it out again.  I won't be doing that very much though.  My feet aren't accustom to it anymore.

The gut is definitely getting out there and I have quite a bit of light kicking going on inside.  Right now I'm guessing "it's" a boy.  That's only because both of my kids continually say that they are having a little brother and haven't wavered on it in months.  I think they have a 6th sense.  I'm still in my regular jeans, which I see as a good sign that I'm getting fat slowly, but they are way down around my hips giving me a saggy ass.  My goal for this pregnancy is to not go over 180lbs.  With my first I gained 60lbs and my final weigh in was 204lbs ("that's one huge bitch!" -Duce Bigelow).  With my second I made a goal to not hit 200.  Final weigh in... 199lbs!  Success!  I think it's hilarious how fat I got with my first two.  Fact: I ate shitty, bad for you food.  Fact: I ate a whole lot of shitty, bad for you food.  Fact: I thought I was a model of smoke'n maternity hotness in my first pregnancy.  Fact: I could push in on my ankles like a memory foam mattress.

The day before Alaurie was born, 4/30/07
Notice there is no jaw line in the above photograph taken by my good friend Shanon.  Forever proof of my immense weight gain.  Thanks!

A little more than 4 years later
I have my jaw back!!!

I figure it will be pretty smooth sailing if I can start out 20lbs lighter than in the past.  Just gotta keep it under control.

-Hugh Jass


  1. I am sooo glad you found this picture.... Man, you were smokin!!! I think you looked fabulous, as you will with this kiddo!!! You think brad being got has alaurie out of wack? Who knows... Hope she pooped on you. Bahajajaja.

  2. Girl i was JUST like you. I gained so much I didnt look like the same person. I actually didnt even look like a person. You are so beautiful and you bounce right back -thank the good lord. So just enjoy it. Mow down a few rows of Thin mints. Because after these few months its back to regular old fit and cute. Borringgg(<;

  3. That is some halter top hawtness right there. Everything is bigger in texas?

  4. Agree, this is your time to splurge at least a little. You did totally lose the weight before and you can do it again. And all the running you are will be fine!