Friday, March 9, 2012

High Five Friday

1) My son shit his pants 3 times this week.  He IS potty trained.  Has been for months.  I don't know what his effing deal is this week. Oh, and then he peed on my bed.  Oh, and our washing machine is broken because somehow a pair of fingernail clippers were shoved past the rubber guard and made their way into the drainage pump.  So yeah... shit, piss and no way to wash it all.  It's been a great week (<sarcastic font).

2) The running group has been growing the past couple of weeks with all the great weather we're having.  This weekend, however, will not be very pretty so we'll see who shows up.

3) I want a margarita.

4) I finished all the Hunger Games books.  They were wonderful and now I'm sad that it's over.

5) I want a bottle of wine.  Not a glass.  I could drink a glass if I wanted to, but no.  I want an entire bottle.  After the shit filled week I've had, I just want to blow through an entire bottle of 2 Buck Chuck and watch the room spin.

-Hugh Jass


  1. Just breath... I promise he won't crap his pants forever LOL. Who knows why they do it. Hang in there and get yourself a nice drink tonight

  2. Omg. I know it's not funny at all for you....but that first one made me laugh :) Poor you!

    PS You'll see on my blog today, but if you liked Hunger Games, try the Maze Runner trilogy!

  3. Oh shit in pants is NO fun, and if your washer is broken....that sucks!
    (I bought a waterproof matress cover for our bed, and it was the best money I ever spent!)

    I am on book one of the Hunger Games, and I want to read it slowly, because I have a feeling I will be sad when it ends also.

    :( I hope you have a good weekend and that next week is better!!!

    And that you can get your washing machine fixed!

  4. LOL just pop a cork on the bottle of wine and toss it in the trash....there problems solved hahaha

  5. I have felt like that every night since we started building the house...i start drinking my wine when i know neal is on his way that if something did happen (yikes) i would be able to drive my poor drive somewhere. yeah, and then even on the weekends its no stop...i feel ya. i promise after this house ordeal is over, we hang out and drink tons of wine while those kids all hang out in the backyard.

  6. I so feel your pain on the pants shitting. My 7-year old was toilet trained early...before his 2nd birthday...but when he was 3 and a half he went through a 4-month stint of shitting his pants multiple times a day (he'd start and get scared and stop, we'd change his pants and start that cycle again). I was patient for about 8 weeks and then I resorted to bribery, which worked. Good luck with that! Hope you got that wine...that CAN help :)

  7. I was only able to shit myself twice last week. Your son is an over-achiever! And why was someone cutting their nails in the washer?
    I will move on....

  8. Heh Hugh,
    Merrell has created a site focusing on women and the minimalist alternative. I think it is a great push (but then i have long since been a drinker of the kool-aid).
    I did a brief write-up on my site (shameless plug) but you can access it just by searching for "Merrell Pretty Strong."

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  10. And "HEH" and "DAG"!!! You got a Jamoosh Blog addiction but not for my blog? Not that his site isn't more interesting, and not that he ain't better looking and all, and not that he isn't a more active racer, and he looks boss in his compression sleeves and....well...okay...I suck!...and I am addicted to his blog too. DAG!

    (Deleted and reposted because my grammar also sucks- - - DAG!)

  11. When he can shit standing up, we can talk.