Monday, July 23, 2012

Hormonal Overflow

I'm still pregnant and I'm not too happy about it.  I'm stressing out because at this rate, by the time this baby comes, my husband will have to go right back to work.  I am emotionally compromised and I am feeding these emotions with highly processed junk food.  In the last 4 days I have consumed smores Pop Tarts, Fudge Pop Tarts, a half dozen packages of Twinkies, 1 bag of powdered donuts, and a bag of Gardetto's.  I never, ever eat this way, but lately when I go to the store, I find myself stopping at the Little Debbie end cap and just staring.  I would much rather stare at a Hostess end cap, but unfortunately Hostess doesn't deliver to  Celina, TX.  I know this because I went on a hormone fueled hunt for Twinkies hitting up almost every store in town.  They don't exist at Brookshires, the Shell station, or the Kunt.  We call it "The Kunt" because the owners of this local gas station wanted to pay homage to the school mascot while also getting cute with their spelling, naming their store Bobcat KUNTry.  Oh, how I wish they had used a "C".  But back to the Twinkies.  Since there are none in town, my friend Macy suggest that I try Zingers because they "are just as good".  Macy, if you're reading this, your judgment has officially been called into question.  The Twinkie has no equal.

Last night I gave my daughter her very first haircut and cried.  Her hair was well past her tail bone with blond curls at the end.  I cut off a little more than intended, about 6".  We also cut my son's hair because he had been called a girl

It looks good, but still makes me sad.
I skipped running group on Saturday.  That's the first time I've skipped since almost ever.  I can't handle the heat.  I can feel my fingers swelling up almost as soon as I step outside.  I'm ready to start running again!

-Hugh Jass


  1. I cry over haircuts pregnant or not! You're totally normal :) and don't sweat the sweets, Ive returned to better habits post-bump. You're better than me when it comes to willpower!

  2. So how much longer are you supposed to go? Hoping baby makes an appearance very soon!

    Your daughter has beautiful hair. I wouldn't want to cut it either!

  3. Wow, the first haircut is a big deal! I cut my girl's hair a couple of times a year and it's still a fight. But I couldn't imagine keeping it that long.

  4. Aww I hope you're feeling better, the topic is adorable and you look great! Thank you for sharing..
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