Friday, July 6, 2012

The Skin Flute

The skin flute will be the last thing I talk about.  I like to do things like the 10 o'clock news.  "How this common household item is killing everyone!  But first..."

I've been involved in a food co op for about a month now and I love it.  It's called Bountiful Basket and they have them all over the country.  Unlike most other food co ops, you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars up front and then have food delivered throughout the season.  It's only a weekly commitment.  Every Monday at noonish you can order your Bountiful Basket for $15 ($18 your first time) then pick it up on Saturday at the location you chose.  I didn't do one last week because we had too many other vegetables that needed to be eaten.  They also have a choice of add on's every week.  Usually it's things like an Italian, or Mexican add on variety of veggies.  They also do some breads.  Two weeks ago, I got the sour dough bread.  5 loaves for $12.  This week I got the 9 grain.  Again, 5 loaves for $12.  We freeze the loaves we're not using.  One of the cool things about doing this co op is that you never know what is coming in your basket which has forced us to learn how to prepare and eat a variety of things that we wouldn't normally get at the grocery store.  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  Every Saturday is a grocery Christmas.  I highly recommend visiting their website ( and seeing if there is a pick up location near you.  If not, you can start one.  Lindee, Macy and I have been considering starting one here in our town because the lady in charge of our current pick up location isn't very friendly.  She yells at everyone a lot.
Basket pick up.  Everyone gets two.  One has veggies, and the other has fruit. 

I am becoming more and more of a sloth.  I could have less than 10 days left in this pregnancy, or I could have 20.  Who knows.  Last week I had a 5lb jump in weight putting me at 184.  This week I went back down to 181.   I wasn't expecting that at all since I ate a ton this week, with the holiday and all.  The only difference is that I have been drinking a lot of water and I think it has helped reduce and prevent further swelling.

So a couple of days ago we were riding in the car and I was telling Alaurie that maybe for Christmas we would get her an instrument and maybe sometime we could go to the instrument store and see what she liked.  She was rambling off various instruments she wanted to try.  The harmonica, saxophone, tuba, violin, and maybe the flute.  With that, my always perverted husband says to me "Maybe later you could play the skin flute".  He never seams to remember that even though he's not being loud, and even though he's not talking to them, the kids are listening.  Alaurie now thinks this an actual instrument.  Earlier today, her friend Joel from across the street was here.  She asked him if one day he was going to play the skin flute.  Way to go Brad.  Way to go.  Now we're afraid to let her go to Joel's house for fear of what might come out of her mouth when his parents are around.  

-Hugh Jass


  1. Oh.Em.Gee. I might pee myself laughing. I wonder if Joel asked if mom if he could play the skin flute??

  2. Hi-larious. No really.

  3. I did't say "maybe later you can play the skin flute" I said, very low and under my breathe "your mom used to play the skin flute" I was shocked that she heard it.

  4. hahahahahahha, i seriously just laughted out it. wow, i really hope you write down these things so you can tell alaurie later on in life :)

  5. Oh man- the skin flute. Awesome. Hey, BTW. I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award- head on over to my latest blog post to check out the details :)