Friday, June 22, 2012

I am a petulant child

I'm blogging from my phone because opening and booting my computer seems like a mountain of effort.  So keep in mind that everything will be misspelled.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I got petulant wrong in the title.

I met up again with the Frisco Running Club yesterday. This week I was the one and only walker. It has been a slow and lonely world out there and I hate it.  I'm also a little insecure about it. At my first meet up with the FRC I made sure to wear my ill fitting Chicago Marathon shirt just so people know. I run bitches, make no mistake. The guy running the group is really nice but he keeps talking about doing long runs in Frisco and even in Dallas! Our little town of Celina TX is a good hour outside of dallas.  I prefer to start my long runs at the edge of my driveway.

I had an appt at the birth center yesterday. I had been maintaining a steady weight of 175/176 for the last three weeks, but after the past weekends meat extravaganza, my weight jumped up to 179. That's only 1lb away from my goal limit. According to my sono from a couple months ago I'm at 36 weeks but then my midwife said I was measuring (just a ruler across your belly. Simple) at 37 weeks. I kind of wish she hadn't of said that, because as soon as July hits, my mind will be in "any day now!" Mode. Also, I had to consent to or deny a bunch of tests and other things. I denied the HIV test. It's mandatory in the first trimester but after that it's just redundant. Then there was the goop that they put on the babies eyes after they are born to protect them from infection and blindness in case the mother has gaunoria (take it as a good sign that I have no idea how to spell that).  This one was kind of awkward because she kept assuring me that it's perfectly safe for the baby. I know that. They did it with my son when he was born in Charlotte.  They didn't ask then, they just did it.  Being asked if it's ok is weird because I really don't mind, but if I tell them to do it, am I saying there's a chance that I could have gaunoria? 

I'll leave you with that thought and picture I took yesterday. This is me at 36 weeks... or 37.


  1. i think you look AMAZING this time around...wayyyy off the 200 pounder mark!!!! I cant believe its really soon!!! WOW...get ready. I HATE driving to go run somewhere...its annoying, im with you, i like to leave my house and run. way easier. i didnt know thats what they smeared all over their eyes...i am really anxious to see how this birthing center goes for you, im very curious, but at least it will promise you to do it w out those drugs :)

  2. Well thank goodness whether it be 36 or 37 you are getting closer! Being pregnant in June in TX....well I can't imagine!!!

    I am glad you are going to your run group still....driving an hour to a long run if you don't have to, sounds like a waste of time!

  3. You look like you're going to get gonorrhea any day now. Good job!

  4. Son of a bitch! I just wrote the funniest comment EVER and then lost it! It had something to do with the fact you better pop that baby out...gonorrhea and July 8!

  5. This whole post cracked me up. SO glad you don't know how to spell gonorrhea. Hope that you survive the next few weeks -- and the heat. I bet you start losing weight - I know I always do at the end. There's no room for food!!

  6. I suggest you simply avoid toilet seats and door handles and you and your baby should be safe.