Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Only 24 hours?! I need more in a day!

Every week I say "I'll put up a blog post!" and then every week I decide that I don't really want to go through the hassle of opening my computer.

I went on my first short and very slow run when Oliver was about 3 weeks old.  It was probably less than two miles.  Last Friday I did our running group's entire 3.5 mile loop.  I won't lie.  That back half of that loop sucked and included some extended walk breaks.  Since my Timex broke, I have to use Run Keeper on my phone to tell me my intervals.  I don't love carrying my phone with me for every little run, but it will do for now.

For the first time in a long time, running any distance with the word 'marathon' attached to it seems daunting and nearly impossible.  I really am starting over.  It's not even the physical effort that seems so hard.  It's the effort required to find the time to run.  I can't even find the time to blog!  Last week, I walked the kids to school every day.  I had this grand idea that this week, after dropping my daughter off, the boys and I would go for a run with the double jogger.  That was a great plan until September surprised us with another week of 100 degree weather.  And, all three kids are sick so I can't be subjecting them to this heat.  And with all three sniffling and coughing it means that I get to be up all night.

Congratulations to my little brother who ran his first half marathon last month.  He went against the advice of the salesperson and every other veteran member of the running community and purchased new shoes the day before the race.

Whatcha got there in your hand little bro?


How was your labor day weekend?  Hopefully better than some friends of mine.  Their boat blew up at their marina after they filled it with gas.  That's no exaggeration.  It exploded and it's a flat out miracle that nobody suffered anything more than some broken bones.  Thank goodness.

That video gives me some chills.  Such a random and weird thing to happen.

I'm diving further and further in to the world of school age kid parenting.  This morning I went to a 'coffee with the principal' gathering at the school and signed up for the PTA.  Wish my socially awkward ass luck in these future endeavors.

-Hugh Jass


  1. Harper Valley PTA? Lol :) is Casey ready to strangle you for that picture?

  2. Ya I don't know what I am going to do when I have to be involved in school...I am so awkward in those situations too!
    Good to hear from you, I am glad to hear you are back running, you will get back in to it faster than you think!
    And this weather SUCKS! 103 today here in Austin.

  3. wow, exploding boats is scary stuff. And it was his first half marathon. You're allowed to be a dumbass for your first half.