Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Two Times Camping

I went camping two weekends in a row!  That must be some kind of record.

Weekend #1 was at Eisenhower state park on good ole Lake Texoma.  Despite growing up on this lake, I had never been to Eisenhower!  That is totes cray cray! (< just for you, Brad)

It was a nice park with lots of trees and shade, a hiking trail, beach, and fishing pier.  My phone died almost as soon as I got there so all the pictures are stolen.

Karen and family stayed the first night with us.
Karen's husband brought his guitar.
Our camp site.
The view from our camp site.
Then on night two Shanon came out with her husband, daughter, brother in law (wuz up Randy!) and his son.  We had a camp full of kids the whole time and they were all great.
Cale and Evin chowing down on Oreos.
She is never amused by me.
Shanon will only have braces for a few more months which leaves limited time for puberty jokes.
Crashed out.
The Colombian hammock is always a popular attraction among children and adults alike.
The very next weekend Brad and I went camping sans children with a different group of friends who have yet to reproduce.  It was more of a "Drink and little drink, smoke a little smoke" type of outdoors experience.  We always have beer when we camp, but this took things back to a level of which Brad and I are no longer trained to properly handle.  Much like running a marathon (yeah, I'm about to compare heavy drinking with endurance athleticism) I had to take the evening slowly so as not to crash early.  I am proud to anounce that I finished with a time of 3:20....am.  Go me!!!

This is the only picture I have.

We stayed at West Burns Run, a private campground just across the Denison Dam.  In North Carolina the state parks were always  the best and cheapest places to stay, but it's almost exactly the opposite in Texas.  The parks are pretty but tend to be a lot more expensive.

Also, last weekend my son got new clothes.  He's been really weird about what he wears.  Only button down shirts and pants with belt loops, so we got him some that would be seasonally appropriate.  Now I can wash that 1 shirt he wore for two weeks straight.

And my daughter got her yellow belt in karate!  Her enthusiasm increased quite a bit after passing her test.  Before that she was a little indifferent.

And then yesterday I had a great softball game.  I caught a fly ball on third and hit a triple.  Then I ran 4 miles.  Then I did my ab ripper x.  I've been consistent with my ab ripper, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I signed up for the Chosen Marathon in October so I need to keep improving on the good habits.  Wish me good luck Charlie.  (I can't be the only one who, in their head, adds "Charlie" to the end of "good luck" every time they hear it.)

- Hugh Jass

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  1. Camping is a blast, but I don't think I could take it 2 weekends in a row. Good fun!