Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5/1 x 7 hill repeat (oh, and it's national running day)

I was about to get lazy but then my sister in law reminded everybody via facebook that is apparently national running day. I didn't even know. Earth day also passed me by this year. I am a terrible runner and a terrible hippie.

But I didn't stay lazy! I went out to the street in front of my house and ran back and forth for 42 minutes. Run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute, 7 times. Not only that, but I ran all the way up the hill at the end of the street every time. So that means 7 hill repeats. Take that national running day!

On the work side of my world.... I actually did some work today. Yesterday I sat on the couch all day watching Sons of Anarchy on netflix. But today, I visited an install, found a new installer and got my outlook working. The install visit was a little bit of a bust though. I had gone to Wal-mart and purchased some Gatorade in hopes of introducing myself to my area installers while offering up tasty electrolyte replacement (because I know how important that is). But alas no one was there. Then as I was getting out of the car to take the kids into McDonalds (had them with me the whole day) for happy meals and free wifi, my flip flop broke. Luckily there was an Old Navy just on the other side of the lot. I got some new flops and lived happily ever after.

I had the kids with me all day because my poor husband had to work all day. All day doing team building with the rest of his managerial coworkers at the US National White Water Center. The poor soul is passed out cold on the sofa from white water rafting all day. Poor wittle guy.

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  1. I celebrated National Running Day by taking a day off from running...