Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exploding Calves

I had a bit of wussy work out this evening. It was only 3 miles in total and the first half of that was almost all walking. For the last half I did some speed work... sort of. I alternated every 1/4 mile, run hard then walk. The first one was 1:50, then walk, then 1:56, then walk, and the last one was 2:05. Not very impressive. When I started on the first mile warm up, my calves felt like they were on fire and the rest of my body was just achy in general. But this run did serve a good purpose in that it really loosened up my tight legs.

Then later as I was taking the trash cans down our crazy steep driveway, my right foot lost traction and I went down on my left knee, skinning it up just a bit.

Petty cool huh? My daughter patched me up with a tinkerbell band aid.

And just so you can fully the appreciate the steepness of my driveway and understand the shittieness of trash duty, I leave you with this.... a video of my husband going down our driveway this past winter.


  1. in oklahoma you would need someone to "hold my beer" need bigger tires more ice

  2. OUCH! I bet that bandaid made it all better.. :) I hate winter! Esp driving in it

  3. That looks like it hurts! How's it healing?