Friday, June 3, 2011

Just work and kids

I don't have much to blog about today. I just worked and watched the kids all day. I went to two different installs, neither of which had started so I still have a case of yummy Gatorade in my car that I haven't been able to give out. Not only do I check in on currently scheduled flooring installations, but I am also supposed to be selling flooring. My previous plan of action was to visit some installs and then go to the listing agent with tidings of great flooring success and then offer them the opportunity for even more flooring success provided by yours truly. However installs that haven't begun a full after they are scheduled blows a huge hole in plan.

I'm not running today. It just isn't in the cards. Tomorrow I'll run before we go to the farmers market. My husband wants to get meat, but I don't think he knows how early you have to be there in order to do that. Meat is always the first thing to run low, so if you want anything good you have to get there before 8am.

I need to see what kind of long run is on the schedule this week.

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