Thursday, April 26, 2012

50 Shades and still pregnant

I just got done reading that 50 Shades of Gray book.  My first time reading anything in the "erotica" or "romance" category.  My thoughts?  Not too bad, not too bad at all.  I will definitely be reading the next two in the series.  Wanna know how dirty it is?  Well, I'm not telling you.  I like to think that this blog is only rated R.  But if they ever made into a movie, it would be an excellent porno for women.  The problem with porn is the lack of depth or round characters (not "round" like that).  I want to know more about that pizza delivery guy.  What event in his life prompted him to not wear pants to the door?

I ran twice last week which is better than I've been doing lately.  Our group met up for a Monday margarita run in which I only get to participate in half of the events.  Booooo for no drinking!  Heartburn just rearing it's ugly head in the last couple of weeks which is neither alarming or unexpected.  This pregnancy is going exactly as the other two did.  This means that heartburn will progressively get worse until delivery, but mostly just at night. A tablespoon of baking soda in water has actually been working like a charm.  This time, however, I get to see how heartburn effects running.  On our margarita run all of my walk intervals were wrought with burping and that "I'm gonna hurl, actually it would be nice if I did hurl" feeling.  But only on the walk intervals.  Weird.  So while everyone else enjoyed the salty goodness of a cold margarita, I mixed myself up a baking soda cocktail.  It tastes like Alka-seltzer.

I'd better get back to cleaning my house and figuring out what we'll eat for lunch.  The goal every week is to stay my ass at home and not spend any money other than groceries.  So far I've done a damn fine job of this.  But then Brad gets back home on the weekends and we become very irresponsible, going out to eat, buying lots of beer (that's all on him), and what not.

Also, Brad is in Baltimore right now but won't go get me an Edgar Allan Poe souvenir.  Lame.  The ONLY cool thing about that ugly city is that a famous author is buried there.  Had I known that when I was there myself I might have a different opinion of it's "coolness".

-Hugh Jass


  1. Its amazing how many beer bottles we end up takinbg to the recycling while pregnant isnt it? We eat for two, they drink for two.

  2. Why is he wearing no pants? Does he have a history of liking to expose himself? Does he worry about rejection?

  3. Your headline caught my attention. I just finished reading the second book. Really enjoyed them both! Ready to start the third. You just had my ass rolling here at work over your pizza boy comment. By the way there will be a movie! I'll defiantly be seeing it! lol

  4. Michelle (crazy running legs) and I were JUST talking about this book and she mentioned your post. So funny - and true - about that book.

  5. Enjoy these last few months before the new baby gets here. It's all downhill after that.