Thursday, April 19, 2012

tin can slacker

My friend Shanon just asked me if my blog fell off the face of the earth.  I haven't been running except on our Saturday group runs which leaves me without inspiration for a running blog.  But don't think I've been sitting around on my big fat pregnant ass.  Well, maybe this week I have, but last week and the week before that I was hard at work getting our house just the way I want it.

I'm making a pallet sofa in my "tea room".  You could also call it a parlor or sitting room, but I really like tea.
This project is at a stand still for the moment.  Who knew foam was so damn expensive?!  I'm keeping my eyes pealed for free sofa's that I can swipe the cushions from and re-cover with the fabric you see in the photo.  I'll probably go ahead and buy a thin foam for the back which will just be kind of like an upholstered head board hanging on the wall behind the sofa.  Also, check out my sweet suitcases, passed down from my husband's grandfather, that I'm going to make tables and stuff out of

This big one has been the kitchen.  We started by painting the upper cabinets white and distressing them.
The uppers turned out so well, causing a surge of DIY confidence when picking the color for the base cabinets.  Most people would just go all white, but I don't like anything in my house to look like "most".  However, in this next pic you'll see how my overconfidence bit me in the ass.
I picked a super bright blue that screamed "Welcome to On The Border!"  I made an emergency call to my friend Karen who rushed right over with her nifty box of colors and picked out the grey that you see on the one corner door.  Now all the bottoms are grey and distressed and it looks really nice.  The red counter and backslash will be next to go.

Last week we didn't have our run group.  It was the first time since we started.  Dave and Marsha were out of town running the Austin 10/20 (ten miles, 20 bands), Ryan was out of town for work, Lindee's daughter had a really early soccer game, and Brad and I had to have Alaurie at the soccer field early for pictures.  Lindee, Brad and I were going to meet up at 8 and still do our run but we called it off because we were way more strapped for time than we thought.  However we did all end up running.  Lindee did an early morning run around her neighborhood, I ran part of the way to the soccer fields (and then hitched a ride when Brad came through with the kids).  Brad ran part of the way home from soccer, and of course Dave and Marsha rocked their 10/20!  Oh, and I rocked the pants off my snack day.  Organic animal crackers and juice. Damn straight.

Why does it seem like the longer I wait between blogs, the more boring they are.  My daily thoughts and rambling were always so brilliant (don't argue, they totally were).

-Hugh Jass


  1. I find the less I post (with you on that one), the more boring I am too. It just seems silly to pick up after two weeks and say..."so then I went to the grocery store, did yoga while watching TV, and changed a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom after that..." unless you say it every day. :)
    I was amused by this post anyway!! Not boring at all.

  2. I'm all for using some fun colors, but that blue would certainly decrease my appetite. which could be a good thing in the kitchen. I bet showing a little bit through the distressing under the gray is a cool effect though.

    Good luck on the pallet sofa!

  3. Awesome!!! I love the idea of the couch!!! Where did that inspiration come from? Did you check like JoAnns craft store for the stuffing stuff??? I guess it would be easier to just take couch cushions though. I def like the grey color way better than the cantina color. Is that "tea" room going to be ready by sat? I would like to make it my "wine" room.

  4. I saw that couch idea on Pinterest...I didn't think of the cushions...glad we didn't try it! I will be interested to see how it turns out!

    I really like the white color, but am also interested in how they grey turns out.