Thursday, April 5, 2012

High Five Friday

1) Let's start this week with my teenage daughter.  Oh, except she's only 5!  It all started yesterday when she came in from playing and had, yet again, crapped her pants.  It's embarrassing to even say that this happens.  She is potty trained, has been for a long time.  But when she's outside playing, she just doesn't care to take the time to come inside.  The worst part is that she doesn't think it's a big deal.  So she got in trouble and wasn't allowed to play anymore.  This was pretty devastating to her, which tells me I picked a good punishment.  Later that day we were about to head across town to my friend Lindee's house to get some plants she had divided.  I mistakenly gave my daughter an inch and let her into the back yard while I was getting ready to leave.  She then took a mile and went across the street to her little friend's house.  After I got her, informed of how much more trouble she was in, and that now she wouldn't be playing the next day either she replied "You'll just forget, like you did today."  I had to choke down the rage that was bubbling through my body.  When we got to Lindee's my spirited child was forced to stay in the car verses getting out to play.  When I got back in the car she said "I liked it in here by myself."  I had to call my sister in law, Bitchy Runner Angie, and ask for advice on how to make a child miserable.  So last night my husband and I sat down with our demon, eh-hem, I mean our little angel, to explain what she did wrong.  And then we took away Isabella.  Isabella is the cabbage patch doll she got from my grandmother a few months ago that she takes everywhere.  We'll see how things improve and how long Isabella stays in the trash bag in the back of my kitchen cabinet.

2) Speaking of kitchen cabinets!  I've been painting ours all week.  They have turned out so much better than I was planning and I'm shocked at how easy it has been.
What they were before.  Completely unfinished  oak (?).  I actually don't know what kind of wood it is.

One section at a time.  This is as far as I got yesterday. Please distract yourself from the awful clutter on my island.

Close up of the distressing.
Basically, I've been Kiltzing and painting white with a brush that is too big for this kind of job, so it naturally doesn't get into the nooks and crannies of the molding.  Also, using the brush makes it a little bit streaky which looks nice and old.  After watching paint dry for four or five coats, the door is ready to hang.  My husband then goes over it with a rough sand paper and viola, new cabinets.  We haven't decided yet how we're going to seal it.  There are more options than I thought.  Also, this hasn't cost us a dime.  We already had Kiltz and white paint from when began remodeling 5 years ago.

3) We also got some pallets and I'm going to make a sofa.  I'll get some pics of that when it's further along.

4) I don't have a fourth item.

5) I don't have a fifth item either and I think you've done enough reading today. (My good friend Macy just informed me that it is in fact only Thursday.  Whoops.  You get your Friday awesomeness a day early.)

- Hugh Jass


  1. Um - nice post. But um- its Thursday!

  2. It's hard to find a good punishment sometimes. I hope taking the doll away works.
    We have been having bed wetting issues at our house with our 7 year, fun, fun!

    LOVE the cabinets!

  3. OMG!!! just reading what she said to you makes ME furious for you! I would really have had to stop myself from doing something terrible to the mouth :) oh the joys, i cant wait until my little ANGEL is at that point in her life. I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOUR CABINETS!!!!

  4. Cabinets look great. I tried to make Maddox pay by taking his tv away... worst idea ever. I realized quickly that left his only source of entertainment to be me, SCREW THAT! He was given the tv back promptly.


  5. I LOVE the cabinets!! Mine are about the same as your old ones...hummmm....