Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five Friday

1) Running
I ran on Monday, kind of.  I lost steam pretty quickly, cut my course short and then walked the rest of the way.  There's a reason for that and it will be covered in the next topic.  I was supposed to run with Lindee on Wednesday but my mom wanted to keep my kids.  I'm not one to argue with a request like that, so I drove to Denison TX, a.k.a. where civilized earth drops off into the Oklahoma abyss.  When I got back, my husband had made plans to eat with some friends of ours.  We chatted with them until the restaurant closed and then until nearly midnight in the parking lot of said restaurant!  So anyway, Lindee and I didn't run on Wednesday.

2) Pregnancy
I haven't been keeping track but I'm apparently close enough to my due date that I am now going to the birthing center every other week.  Last Wednesday they drew blood and informed me again that my iron is really low.  Not really surprising.  Even when I was younger I would get turned away from blood drives because of iron issues.  However I really thought that since I eat so much better now my low iron would have somehow worked itself out.  Nope.  So I did some research online and found some bad news.  Apparently the tannin's in tea can block plant based iron absorption.  I drink tea like it won't exist tomorrow.  My great grandmother's electric tea pot is plugged in all day long.  I really hate supplements and remembering to take them, so I've cut out almost all of my tea consumption for now and bought some Swiss chard to make salads and juice up.  Hopefully I can recoup some of my energy.

3) That last post
My father in law read my last blog post (embarrassing!) and brought it up while we were camping last weekend.  Then my husband's grandmother tried to go searching for it on her iphone but luckily I talked her out of it.  That would have been awful.

4) My daughter's birthday party
Her birthday was on the 1st, but with soccer and what not we're just now able to have a party for her.  It's a garden party where I asked all of her guests to bring to a flower instead of a toy and we're going to plant them in a flower bed that will be all hers.  I'm sure she'll kill everything, but that's sooooo much better than a shit load of broken toys from China all over my house and driveway.  I hate toys.  Plus, what kid doesn't love digging around in the dirt?  I'm stressing out because I've never done this before, you know, the whole kid's bday party thing.  I think I have enough food.  I hope I have enough activities.  I'm also insecure about our house.  Other parents that I don't know very well will be over here and we don't live in a red brick subdivision.  Our house is old and small.  It's also adorable, but having two kids share a room just isn't the social norm.

5) Gettin political
My opinions are mine and yours are yours.  Don't get mad at me and I won't get mad at you.  Gay marriage has been all over the news especially after North Carolina's very disappointing passing of amendment 1.  Maybe a lot of it was hormone fueled but I was really bummed out this week.  I grew up a Christian in a really small town (Pop 811).  Pretty much as soon I stepped out of the county my world views began to change.  It is now difficult to accept that my religion is the reason for hate filled legislation.  Most of the same people who oppose gay marriage will say in the next breath that the government should stay out of our lives (mostly referring to guns and taxes).  But it's ok for government to dictate which unions between loving, consensual couples are legal?  And if we're really going to protect the biblical sanctity of marriage, why is divorce still legal?  It all just seems so senseless to me.  Taking rights away from gay couples won't stop them or future generations from being gay.  It just gets me down that humanity can be so stubborn and cruel.

-Hugh Jass


  1. Um...let me address a few issues.

    1) - I'm not preggo, but I look it. This weekend we can compare bellies and see who's is more impressive.

    2) - You better not have that baby while I'm gone for 2 weeks in July. That is an order!

    3) - What about me?? I'm forever scared having visions of my little brother...fanny pack and all..doing the dirty. Gross! Sick! Ugh!

    4) - I'll be there, with my cacti. Can't wait. Now to stress you out even more. What's the back up plan if it's pouring rain?

    5) - Religion. Politics. I avoid both of them. Just makes me dislike everyone. Go marry who you wish, just leave me the hell alone. That's my view on life.

    Alright, that's all I have for now! See you tomorrow!

  2. Hmmm, plan B? That's a good question ANGIE! Why anonymous?

  3. That questions easy...I was too lazy to sing in!

  4. I just posted about NC as well.