Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Weight of My Own Family

Did anyone watch that HBO special, The Weight of The Nation about the obesity epidemic?  I thought it was really good and very informative.  Some stuff I already knew, but overall I thought it was very beneficial to see.

I liked having affirmation that I am doing some things right.  Like we rarely have sugared drinks in the house.  When we do, it's usually leftovers from an event of some sort.  This is also because I'm too cheap to buy cases of Capri Sun when we already have water conveniently available right there in the refrigeration door.  I'm also proud that my kids don't often eat candy (unless they go to my mom's house and raid her dum dum bowl)  or cakes or cookies.  They are quite satisfied with grapes, apricots, bananas and other fruits.

One thing that really worries me is how much nutrition my daughter gets.  She is ridiculously picky, making almost every meal a head to head battle.  My son is no issue, he'll eat anything, but I need to get more creative with the girl.  I think I might hit more challenges when she starts school this fall too.  Right now she and her brother play outside almost all day everyday, but when school starts she'll be sitting in a desk most of the day. Also, the facts about the contents of a school lunch were sad and it's all because of corporate intervention.  For example, I'm sure you all heard about tomato paste being a vegetable.  When Alaurie starts school, I'll still have a new baby keeping up all night.  My intention is to make her lunch every, or almost every day, but what if I can't keep up.  What if all of a sudden she's sitting down all day and eating shitty food?

Not to sound all paranoid and scared.  These are just some things that I need to think about.  I'm going to be working pretty hard when school starts.

-Hugh Jass


  1. i watched that and feel the same. Evin doesnt get juice, she doesnt need it. Its milk or water...until recently i bought a jug of soy chocolate milk which she REFUSED!!! Probably a good thing!!! The school lunches want to make me vomit. Although we do eat alot of chick-fil-a, I do try to push the goods....

  2. As for alauries lunches, i bag/Tupperware all I can in the wknds all and once, so all I have to do is grab containers in a.m. It helps a lot. And this may sound bad, but the lunch is the sane all wk, and Colee doesn't get to change it up til the next wk. it's worked really well and she hasn't had a school lunch yet.

  3. Also stock up on an unholy amount of containers (BC I know you won't use baggies/disposables!) BC they don't always make their way right ba k home. Between Colee and drew I can't keep enough in the cabinet!

  4. I make 5 at a time on Sundays in containers with compartments. It takes the same amount of time to do one as it does to do 5 for the most part.

  5. our Evil Genius is the same way. she's incredibly picky. we've switched from making two dinners (one for the kids and one for us) to only making one dinner and forcing the kids to eat real food. Bigun is ok about trying new things, but this means that EG is down to only two meals a day. she's already underweight for a 5 year old, and now she's refusing to eat dinner because it's not her obscene demanded food choice.