Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photos I've been too lazy to upload

First we'll talk about running and my huge self.  I have about 2 months left and well, this is tough to say, but I think I'm walker til the end.  I could be the iron deficient thing, or the heat, or the 13lb weight gain last month but I just don't have the energy for running.  Lindee and I only made it through 3 run intervals this weekend before I konked out.  That's a whopping 9 minutes.  Oh well.  The walking tightens my ass.  The good news is that after that 13lb spike, I leveled off weighing 1 pound less at my next appointment.

Now, for your viewing pleasure is a photo collage of all the things that have been going on.

Did I show you my finished kitchen?

Or my finished pallet couch?

I've been spending some quality time in the kitchen.  These are pop tarts (made vegan).

Soccer finally ended.  I really loved her team and her coach.

With soccer over, we took the Prairie Breeze out to Lake Texoma for some camping with the family.

The very next weekend we hosted my daughter's 5th birthday garden party.  I feel a little guilty because we got some awesome plants that I'M really excited about.  Like hibiscus, a hydrangea and a lemon tree!

We fired up the ole record player.

Made our daughter eat vegetables.

Other than that, it's just been life as usual in a small town.

-Hugh Jass


  1. I look forward to your return to running. But walking with a child poking out of you sounds like a good idea.

  2. Love the eating vegetables face :)

    And I also love the way the couch turned out!

    2 more months...not long and you will be running again!